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Do you want to create an attractive website? However, do you know how to choose a web page that’s suitable for your purpose? Do not worry, it is not difficult. We have prepared for you new templates in this week (from November 14th to November 18th). Do not miss the opportunity to give your website an impressive look with these templates.

1. FC Solec – Free Solar Website Template

Free Solar Website Template

FC Solec is Free Solar Website Template that is specially designed for your solar accessories business, but more than that is environment and nature protection aim. This template is a wonderful way to promote your environmental projects as well as your green products business. Besides, it is  not only suitable for Environment Protection companies and related projects, but also for non-profit organization creating a channel to transmit the news about green energy to the world. With environment and nature template you will have a chance to create websites focused on ecosystems, recycling, alternative energy, organic agriculture or nature resources organization. FC Solec builds on powerful framework with 100% responsive layout (support for mobile devices) based on fully bootstrap, unlimited module position, strong shortcodes help you present content easily. Experience it and let us know how you feel!

2. Beanery – Free Restaurant Bootstrap Template

Free Restaurant Bootstrap Template

Beanery is a Free Restaurant Bootstrap Template which main menu is about noodles. It is full covered with beautiful and well-done food images that can make any visitor hungry right away. This template gives your website a better way to promote restaurant’s services with eye-catching layout but still providing full of information about each service. A sticky header with full options helps visitors easily to consult, besides, highlights of each feature are shown on homepage (special menu, restaurant’s famous chefs, guests’ testimonials,…) to make your website more attractive.

3. LT Art Studio – Creative Design WordPress Theme

Creative Design WordPress Theme

LT Art Studio is Creative Design WordPress Theme that targets for Creative Design or Art Studio websites. This gorgeous theme is exactly perfect to display some beautiful design products as well as promote and establish a brand for your website. By downloading and installing this professional theme, you can instantly create a stunning presence for your studio on the Internet. For technique of Art Studio WordPress theme, it builds from powerful framework with fully bootstrap supporting strong shortcodes, drag-drop layout content, Bootstrap CSS & Hybrid framework.

4. Medex – Free WordPress Hospital Theme

Free WordPress Hospital Theme

Medex is a free WordPress Hospital Theme. Building up a website or a personal blog using this austere and trim theme you’ll of course attract people and perhaps even potential staff. Super convenient and demonstrative showroom of MedEx will permit you easily submit the core information about your hospital, medicines.

5. Food Court – Free Bootstrap Hotel Template

Free Bootstrap Hotel Template

Food Court is an exciting and great free Bootstrap hotel template for your hotel, restaurant, booking, motel business websites. This luscious web template is designed using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Check out this free Bootstrap template and give your site a new look.

6. FC Laer – Free Lawyer Website Template

FC Laer Free Lawyer Website Template

FC Laer is Free Lawyer Website Template that is uniquely designed to help private lawyers, law companies have a better way to approach their clients. This professional template makes it easy for everyone to access and find out their own legal solutions for simple civil problems without lawyer’s support, in efficiently and quickly way. It also has space for law blogs sharing legal information which helps to spread necessary knowledge to people who need it. FC Laer is fully responsive template that adapts to the screen resolution of all mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and desktops. The template framework come with many features such as powerful shortcodes for present content easily,  Bootstrap CSS & Hybrid framework.

7. Domicile – Bootstrap Furniture Template

Domicile Bootstrap Furniture Template

Domicile is Bootstrap Furniture Template for an awesome real estate, builder, consulting business category web design. This absolutely responsive web template is designed using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. This elegant template is useful for new furniture websites. Download and enjoy!

8. FC Charicen – Free Charity Website Template

Free Charity Website Template

FC Charicen is a Free Charity Website Template. This template is specially designed for online charity projects and charity organizations to approach more raising fund opportunities from netizen, and here will become a channel to share more meaningful information. FC Charicen is 100% responsive that automatically adapts to any possible screen resolution of all mobile devices, displaying all the content in the best way. It comes with unlimited color and a color picker in the admin panel. Moreover, we offer support services likeBootstrap CSS & Hybrid framework, strong shortcode ready to help clients develop their websites.

9. LT Blue Services – WordPress Business Theme

WordPress Business Theme

LT Blue Services is WordPress Business Theme. It targets for business, portfolio and services websites. This is a simple and adaptable responsive theme with focus on professional services, relationships, business strategies, team members and more. This creative theme will bring an idea to real products for you. LT Blue Services makes your sites ready to display on any mobile and tablet version with 100% responsive layout, clean and stylish. Furthermore, it builds from powerful framework with fully bootstrap supporting strong shortcodes, drag-drop layout content, Bootstrap CSS & Hybrid framework.

10. DroidOne – Free Technology WordPress Theme

Free Technology WordPress Theme

DroidOne is a great and modern free technology WordPress theme. It is for those who are fond of minimalism, cool colors and whimsical forms. This theme for free or buying its link-free version you’ll absolutely avoid duplicated efforts and wasted resources and will only be enchanted working with it. Download and use it!

11. Spem – Free Font Design

Free Font Design

Spem is a clean and great free Font design. Spem Display is here with the popular style appearance, making it’s perfect as corporate logo font, branding, book cover and album art as well. Surely you will be satisfied!

12. Isometric Perspective Free Mockup

Free Mockup

This Mockup is modern and exciting free Mockup. This mockup is all you need to get great results. Detailed help document is also provided from which you will find the overall process of replacing screenshot in the smart object layer. Don’t miss!

13. Flower Display Serif Free Font

Free Font

Flower Display Serif is a clean and modern free Font. This typeface is available in two style, regular and bold. Very stylish and delicate makes this Flower typeface perfect for magazine, logotype and branding. Flower is free for both personal and commercial purposes.

14. Bizon Free Font Design

Free Font Design

Bizon is a clean and great free Font design for logo design, book cover, headline, advertising and so much more. The clean interface of this free Font will be attractive to any kind of audience. Try it out & have new experiences!

15. Allema Script Free Font

Script Free Font

Allema  is a beautiful and clean script free Font. This one will make a very natural lettering like logo and branding, apparel print, headline and more. Impress your potential clients with this free Font design!

16. Trendy Look Bootstrap Real Estate Template

Bootstrap Real Estate Template

Trendy Look is a great and exciting Bootstrap real estate template for your Interior-design, furniture, home-decor category business websites. This Multi-page template is carved using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Get it for FREE and explore it’s excellent features right now!

17. Hydro Power Free Industrial Website Template

Free Industrial Website Template

Hydro Power is an exciting and great free industrial website template can be transformed accordingly to suit to any Industrial, manufacturing, fabrication, construction category business websites. This serene Single-page web template is designed using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Have a great week with this modern & awesome template!

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Download 290+ Premium Joomla! & Wordpress themes just $74.50 Less than $0,2 per Premium Template, Join Developer Club now!