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In this post, we share you new templates in this week (From October 17th to October 21th). Check them out and download the ones you like the most just with a click!

1. FC-Company – Free Bootstrap Business Theme

Free Bootstrap Business Theme

FC-Company is free Bootstrap business theme. This template brings to users modern feeling with well-designed multi-homepages. It has simple sticky header, company’s outstanding and latest projects displays right on the homepage, which help users easy to find full information and what product they want without wasting time. This eye-catching responsive template is built from powerful framework with fully bootstrap supporting strong shortcodes so it’s available for mobile users.

2. FC Entervate – Free Bootstrap Template For Business

Free Bootstrap Template For Business

FC Entervate is Free Bootstrap Template For Business. The name “Entervate” is combined between “enterprise” and “private”, which is intended to private enterprises but it still suits for other kinds of enterprises.  This template has “neat and tidy” arrangement among posts, pictures and menu bar. With this suitable arrangement, users (include customers and candidates) can access to any information they want to consult (products, services for customers and job opportunities for candidates). It also makes your company website much more modern but friendly because it is not difficult to interact to users.

3. FC Adver – Free Bootstrap Advertising Company Template

Free Bootstrap Advertising Company Template

FC Adver is new and modern free Bootstrap advertising company template for advertising design and web development team or company. It is well designed with black as main colour that makes your website have more professional feeling . This template gives your website a better way to promote with eye-catching layout but still providing full of information right on the homepage. A sticky header with full options to make users consult more quickly and easily.

4. Fc Anim – Free Animal Website Template

Free Animal Website Template

Fc Anim is a new and clean Free Animal Website Template for any animal rescue center or even pet shop. It has elegant, friendly designed with eye-catching and stylish appearance. This free Bootstrap template serves many purposes with supplying animal medical service , selling pets, caring pets advisor,…and this will be a good starter for promoting your animal center. A sticky header with full options for both visitors and owner such as About us, Services, Blog (for supplying free pet care advices, tips,..), and full contact information, testimonials, your center records,… also supported.

5. FC Depofo – Design Company Template

FC Depofo Design Company Template

FC Depofo is a bootstrap design company template that will give anyone a really good first impression by its modern and professional design. It has big size flex sliders along with hidden header with smooth transitions but suitable speed. This template arranges “project”, “blogs”, “testimonials”, and so on well, with simple, elegant and eye-catching design. Especially, wherever you scroll down, you still easy to interact with sticky header with full options to consult quickly.

6. FC Archides – Free Architecture Website Template

Free Architecture Website Template

FC Archides is a Free Architecture Website Template for architects & construction service with elegant and modern design. The way parts in this template arranged makes it easy to set up and promote any architecture project. It has big size flex sliders along with hidden header and smooth transition.

7. FC Profy – Free Bootstrap Website Template

Free Bootstrap Website Templatey

FC Profy is Free Bootstrap Website Template that is absolutely looked like an online version of your Curriculum Vitae, but with much more upgrading. Because it is onepage template, recruiters will get easier to find out which information they need by clicking on sticky header with full options, from “About”, “Skill”, “Review”,…and contact with you with contact form intergrated. Especially you can even write and update daily your own blog right on your CV. A beginning with full of impression will help you promote yourself and easy to get a good job. This template is special design for web designer, and even when you do not go to work at any company, you can find deals easily with your own resume website. Besides, whenever you have any change in your profile, it will be easy, too, to popular it.

8. FC Gybo – Bootstrap Health Template

Bootstrap Health Template

FC Gybo is Bootstrap health template for health and gym website. It is perfectly suit for any fitness center’s aim about advertisement and sales promotion. A sticky header with full necessary options for visitor such as Classes, Timetable, Trainers, About us,…Or even if they don’t intend to choose those options right away, when scrolling down the homepage, full information will be displayed right before their eyes, with well-designed layout. One more special thing is that your fitness center records and achievements will be shown on homepage, too,  which will helps your center promotion much.

9. FC MEDI – Bootstrap Hospital Template

Bootstrap Hospital Template

FC MEDI is a modern and clean Bootstrap Hospital Template for medical center, clinic and hospital’s website. It has sticky header navigation helps users access fast to anywhere they want to find in your website. Medical center information, recent records as well as pricing plan also shown in same pages makes everything easier to users who even don’t know much about using website.

10. FC Flower – Free Flower Shop Website Template

Free Flower Shop Website Template

FC Flower is Free Flower Shop Website Template that is intended to flower shop online. It is designed classically with full of  elegant flower picture and white as main colour. It has simple sticky header with full offer for your whole website : “lookbook” , “shop”, “blog” and so on,  which vary your website’s information and products but won’t make users have “information overload” feeling. Because this template have product items arranged well.

11. FC Recom – Free Bootstrap Hotel Template

Free Basketball Website Template

FC Bakecen is Free Basketball Website Template that we designed for all basketball training centers. A sticky header with full necessary options for visitors such as Classes, Trainers, About us,…Especially, wide sliders display right away when visitors access to your website, it is a perfect way to show up if you want to promote or make a good first impression about your center’s profession or reputation.

12. FC Susire – Free Restaurant Website Template

Free Restaurant Website Template

FC Susire is Free Restaurant Website Template which main menu is all kinds of sushi and sashimi. It is full covered with beautiful and well-done sushi images that can make any visitor hungry right away. This free Bootstrap template gives your website a better way to promote restaurant’s services with eye-catching layout but still providing full of information about each service. A sticky header with full options helps visitors easily to consult, besides, highlights of each feature are shown on homepage (special menu, restaurant’s famous chefs, guests’ testimonials,…) to make your website more attractive, especially this template allows visitors to pre-reserve table online, how convenient it is, right?

13. FC Recom – Free Bootstrap Hotel Template

Free Bootstrap Hotel Template

FC Recom is Free Bootstrap Hotel Template that is intended for accommodation business. This template has elegant-but-modern design style with white as main colour – the best choice for any hotel website, due to some features of accomodation field, this colour and the way hotel website designed makes customers feel more safe when choosing your hotel to stay. The second thing that customer will concern about when they visit a hotel website is “Will this hotel have room available for my holidays?”, that’s why availability checking system designed right on the head of homepage, menu “contact”, “rooms” is also.

14. PokemonPress – Free WordPress Game Theme

Free WordPress Game Theme

PokemonPress is an exciting and modern free WordPress game theme. A lot of games for various consoles, TV series, full-length films and toms of manga are related to this universe. Thanks to a new wave of popularity it has become a world famous anime. This template is designed perfactly and luxuriously for you. Try and feel!

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