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You like food and you want to create a food or restaurant website? One of 7 best food free bootstrap templates below would be perfect choice for you. We’re sure that you will be pleased when you use it for your next project!

1. Spice Mystery

Spice Mystery

Spice Mystery is an interesting and clean for any type of websites, fast food centers, restaurants, food corners, food points. This web template is built in a Fancy Flat style however it can be used  as per the user requirements.

2. Favorites


Favorites is a clean and modern restaurant Bootstrap template for any type of websites, fast food centers, restaurants. This template is suitable with all web browsers, smartphones and tablets. This elegant template is useful for new business websites.

3. Love and Fight


Love and Fight is a beautiful best free bootstrap template.  you can use this template for any type of website such as restaurant, food. This template is designed with a good color scheme and good grid style of elements.


4. Cuisine


Cuisine is a great and clean bootstrap template for Food points, Snacks points. This template will help you to create an eye-catching and modern restaurant website that won’t cost you a penny. It is supports all browsers, Mobile phones.

5. Food Plaza


Food Plaza is a beautiful and clean responsive Bootstrap food template. We are using responsive slider, lightbox plugin for web and Mobile Templates.

6. Food Fantasy


Food Fantasy is a great and clean Bootstrap restaurant template. This template coded as html5, css3.

7. Bakery


Bakery is an elegant and clean bootstrap template for food corners.  Don’t miss the chance to give your store an impressive look with this template.

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If you want to find a CMS theme for this topic, we highly recommend you to go try this LT Donut for Joomla provided by LTHEME.

You’re using WordPress? It doesn’t matter, this is WS Spicy WordPress version for you provided by Wooskins.

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