Choosing a suitable Joomla Calendar Extension contributes an important role in creating a successful event site with a great user experience!

Since calendars are so important for staying productive, that’s why we want to figure out the best Joomla calendar module for your individual needs. This article provides you with 9 best Joomla Calendar Extension to create a calendar in Joomla.

1. DPCalendar Lite [ Free Download]

This is a format structure that can be used to make a calendar that can be suitable for administering events and occasions. The format is perfect for causing a period table that to can make an individual more organized. It is a full responsive increase group to inform your visitors concerning your noteworthy events on your Joomla site.

Provided Features:

  • Totally responsive
  • Upper leg ligament any place similarly who can see the substance of events
  • Settled calendars
  • Ajax-controlled calendar with a smooth structure
  • Bunch modifying of events
  • History following per event


  • Basic enlargement
  • Easy to use
  • Not too bad

2. JEvents [ Free Download]

JEvents is the fundamental enlargement on this summary where the designer concentrates just on their timetable development. Geraint, the planner of JEvents, has been managing the endeavor for a significant time allotment and is outstanding and significantly trusted. For that reason, JEvents customers have made a translation of the venture into in excess of 40 lingos.

Provided Features:

  • Support Joomla MVC framework
  • Various arrangements available
  • Open both free and star versions
  • Uses Joomla update system


  • Totally great
  • Direct
  • Successful

3. iCagenda [ Free Download]

iCagenda is an easy to-use, agreeably arranged, and straightforward Joomla plan extension with a Joomla plan module by Jooml!C. It is an unblemished and consolidated Joomla style with an astounding frontend show of Joomla calendar of events. I was astonished with the frontend show of events, which have a huge header picture and a Google Maps show.

Provided Features:

  • Contact information
  • Frontend Search Filters
  • Frontend convenience structure
  • Selection to events with decisions
  • Front-end gets: Print and Add to Calendar
  • Back-end Advanced ACL Access Permissions


  • Easy to-use
  • Agreeably arranged
  • Simple to utilize

4. Spider Calendar Lite [ Free Download]

Spider Calendar Lite is a significantly configurable Joomla increase which grants you to have diverse sifted through events in a timetable. In case you have to sift through your events and indicating them in a timetable gathering, by then Spider Calendar Lite can fill in as an answer. It is an outstanding simple to utilize plan.

Provided Features:

  • Likelihood to pick month show plan
  • Essential snap on the date on the Calendar
  • Supports events that last more than one day
  • Likelihood to set the month and the year


  • Exceptional assistance
  • Not too bad
  • Suitably

5. JCal Pro [ Paid Download]

JCal Pro is one of the most settled and most trusted Joomla plans. It offers ease, versatility, a ground-breaking rundown of abilities, and beguiling designs. You can make private and open timetables. Likewise, it is an unbelievable choice for Joomla customers with features including private and system plans, event control and enlistment, notwithstanding Google Maps coordination.

Provided Features:

  • Event locations​
  • Show your Joomla events in seven days by week view​
  • Adequately supervise Joomla events​
  • Change the email notifications​
  • Recognize Joomla event enrollments


  • Direct
  • Versatile
  • Practical

6. Spider Calendar [ Paid Download]

Spider Calendar is phenomenal contrasted with other Joomla plan growthes open in Joomla extension file by the Web-Dorado team. Moreover, it has all the essentials made sure about: repeating events, responsive arrangement, different subjects, notwithstanding modules and shortcodes to look good. Moreover, the extension is the best plan with sifting through your events and demonstrating them in a calendar structure.

Provided Features:

  • Decisions for setting the height and width of the timetable
  • Can be used as a portion and as a module as well
  • Sponsorship for concealing arrangement change
  • Standard calendar themes
  • Make indistinguishable number of timetables from you need
  • Make events for each calendar autonomously


  • Configurable
  • Moderate
  • Responsive

7. No Boss Calendar [ Paid Download]

Noboss Calendar is an essential and straightforward versatile Joomla plan module. A huge amount of moment position models are holding on for you. Basically start by picking one arranged to use position show and change as your own specific way of interest.

Provided Features:

  • Basic quickstart
  • Endless things with responsivity
  • Endless possibilities
  • Steady updates
  • Best execution with high security
  • Site improvement and receptiveness
  • Qualified assistance


  • Easy to use
  • Extraordinary development
  • Awesome

8. Art Calendar [ Paid Download]

Art Calendar is a design that can be used for incredible timetable schedules. This is an unprecedented Joomla Component that is totally expected for making ostensibly rich, canny, current timetables that can be quickly sent toward the front of your Joomla site.

Provided Features:

  • Google Calendar API Integration
  • Peruse 1 of 18 subjects to change the calendar style
  • Add Google Maps zones to your events
  • Add pictures to your events
  • Control slideshow settings
  • Alternative to left assistance


  • Direct
  • Easy to use
  • Current

9. ohanah [ Paid Download]

Ohanah is a mind blowing Joomla plan extension that guides you to set up your event site in minutes. The development gives executives control over events’ looks and feels, so it’s definitely not hard to make it fit your site perfectly. Event boss can concentrate on the substance with streamlined methods and direct interface for making events, regulating settings, and managing members that don’t anticipate that them should be Joomla authorities.

Provided Features:

  • Remember events for minutes
  • Show as records or in a calendar
  • Sort events and incorporate setting unequivocal pages
  • Events with a delineation, a flyer, a guide, etc
  • Supports rehashing events


  • Lively
  • Exceptional assistance
  • Better than average


Joomla Calendar Extension is a great module for your Joomla sites. Moreover, Let’s take a look at our free Joomla templates to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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