Develop and manage your site thanks to top 8 Awesome Joomla Development Extension in 2020!

Thesedays, with the development of technology and machine, people easily manage and operate our website. This is the reason why we introduce the collection of 8 Joomla Development Extension. With these module, you will feel at ease to achieve your business objectives and digital success.

1. Less Compiler [ Free Download]

This free online LESS compiler will make the last CSS code using your gave LESS source. This gadget is generally suitable for energetic tests and for learning LESS. Also, Twitter Bootstrap from 2.3 support is furthermore gave.

Provided Features:

  • Client-side compiler
  • Impeccable with J! 2.5 + 3.x
  • The decision to spare comments
  • Uses putting away to follow changes
  • Uses Joomla! A solitary Click-Updater
  • Supports Twitter Bootstrap 2.x and 3.x
  • Fr-FR translation contributed by


  • Easy to use
  • Amazing module
  • Fruitful

2. J!Dump [ Free Download]

J!Dump is uncommonly easy to use examining development for Joomla designers and configuration organizers. It moreover deals with some as often as possible rehashing issues during headway.

Provided Features:

  • DHTML tree show
  • Use dump in extensions
  • See what’s inside a variable
  • Show the substance of the variable
  • Open a popup window with a DHTML tree


  • Short and reduced
  • Remarkable assistance
  • Easy to use

3. EasyCreator [ Free Download]

EasyCreator is an instrument planned for engineers. It speeds up the path toward making ordinary parts, modules, libraries, designs, modules for Joomla CLI, and Web applications. With it, you can do circling for your enlargement or compress document in just two or three snaps.

Provided Features:

  • Fill that diagram with your custom code
  • Make an interface for managing understandings
  • Import your beforehand existing and presented enlargement
  • Help you in the creation of multilingual enlargements


  • Unprecedented module
  • Respectable
  • Awesome

4. JED Checker [ Free Download]

This growth can check your sections, modules, or modules for normal bungles that will shield you from appropriating your extension on the JED (Joomla! Increases Directory). If you are a specialist and need to add to this expansion you can fork this.

Provided Features:

  • Missing index.html reports
  • Reports the usage of bungle enumerating
  • Fitting grant tag in foundation .xml reports
  • Defined(‘JEXEC’) or fail horrendously clarifications in all php records
  • Introductions information about each expansion xml record


  • Colossal module
  • Inconceivable assistance
  • Charming

5. db8 Site Dev [ Free Download]

This is a Joomla Development Tool (Component + Module) to improve your work procedure with Joomla site headway. You can make your own plan. The part has a choice to deliver a Live Checklist so you can without a very remarkable stretch screen all exercises before the site can go live.

Provided Features:

  • Manage your own Checklist of Categories and Checklist things
  • Import and toll your own Checklist Categories and Checklist Items
  • Download and import a default Site Checklist
  • Have a full audit of everything
  • Successfully check or uncheck things to revive the status of a thing
  • Add notes with nuances to each Checklist thing


  • Easy to use
  • Not too bad
  • Phenomenal growth

6. PHPconfig [ Free Download]

This enlargement is a valuable resource for help with discovering botches in Joomla destinations. his Extension moreover makes you direct a couple of limits of the PHP. Furthermore, it enables you to pick the IPs which can see the goofs to avoid that the mix-ups can be seen by visitors.

Provided Features:

  • Change PHP memory limit
  • Pick where the module works
  • Show or hide the admonition of bungles
  • Change the best time of execution
  • Describe addresses IP for executing this module


  • Stunning
  • Respectable
  • Unprecedented module

7. Easy Source Component [ Free Download]

Easy Source Component lets you make structures, records, or any PHP content in just 5 minutes. You will have the alternative to rescate your old PHP scrips and expansion them into the Joomla Framework. To a great extent you need to consolidate your own extension with the Joomla Framework, with this fragment you can without a doubt make your own increases without packaging the records.

Provided Features:

  • Make structures, records, or any PHP content in just 5 minutes
  • Viably make your own developments without packaging the records
  • Considering the MVC system
  • Toy can use furthermore the model
  • Controller and viewpoints archives


  • Weighty
  • Clean
  • Fast and straightforward

8. Component Builder [ Free Download]

Component Builder for Joomla is significantly top tier mechanical assembly that is really prepared to make very stunning fragments in a limited quantity of the time. You can incorporate Joomla custom fields in any of your fragments. What’s more, it easy to translate by methods for surpass desires.

Provided Features:

  • Incorporate Joomla custom fields in any of your parts
  • Incorporate you own dashboard in the back-end
  • Dynamic File and Folder Inclusion thought
  • Straightforward Translation by methods for surpass desires
  • Adding your own standard endorsement to a field in JCB
  • The motorized fortification structure in JCB
  • Adding MySQL Dump to any View/Table
  • Get existing Table data and develop a special dump
  • Endless Joomla Components


  • Secure
  • Brisk
  • Clean


Joomla Development Extension is an essential tool to make it easy to develop and operate your site. Moreover, Let’s take a look at our free Joomla templates to get some stunning designs for your websites.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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