It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to create a professional-looking dashboard for your website or app. With the assistance of a List of 30+ Free Bootstrap Dashboard templates, you should be able to find a suitable user interface (UI) toolkit for your project. Let’s explore!

Why should we use Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template?

Many of these free dashboard templates are also available as paid items with more features and functionality for those who are willing to pay for them. As a result, if your project’s requirements change or your budget expands in the future, you’ll have a clear upgrade route. If your project necessitates a more powerful solution right now, be sure to look through our collection of the top premium Bootstrap admin templates.

Top 30+ Free Bootstrap Dashboard Templates



The first template we would like to introduce to you is Corona Admin. This is a responsive and user-friendly free Bootstrap 4 admin template. The website template design is vibrant while maintaining a focus on the fundamentals and aesthetics. This template has all of the features you’ll need while not being overburdened with non-essential elements. It’s a great way to make admin panels, e-commerce platforms, project management systems, content management systems, and CRM systems.



The second template you shouldn’t miss is Pollux UI. This is an MIT-licensed admin dashboard template that you may use on any project. It’s built with Sass and is based on the most popular framework, Bootstrap 4. The Sass compiler makes it easier to code and customize this admin template. This template is a responsive HTML template that works in all modern browsers. With high-performance code and fully responsive design, you can create anything you want, including User Management apps, Customer-Centric apps, and more.



Celestial is a simple and bold admin template for work status that includes various user interface elements for web applications and widgets. This template is a fully responsive admin dashboard template that was created using the Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, and CSS3. It can be used for a variety of web applications, including bespoke admin panels, application backends, and content management systems (CMS).

Star Admin 2

star admin 2

This admin template was created using cutting-edge technology and is up to speed on the most recent trends and tools. The GULP Javascript toolkit can help you save time by automating time-consuming and repetitive processes. This beautifully designed admin panel template is 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible, so it looks great on any device and on any screen size. This admin dashboard theme is also a full-featured, versatile admin dashboard theme for developers, businesses, and digital entrepreneurs.

Purple React

purple react

This template has a lot of features and is written in a way that is developer-friendly. This template includes a gradient color scheme, a number of widgets, chart icons, and a number of other features. Furthermore, this admin panel is fully responsive and works with all retina-enabled devices and browsers. This react template is simple and easy to customize. It can be the best choice for any administrative dashboard, e-commerce admin dashboard, or background management panel.



Another template in our Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template collection is Breeze. The template’s design is colorful and eye-catching, while the rest of the designs are simple and appealing. Furthermore, this free HTML5 admin template is totally adaptable and compatible with all major browsers and devices. Plus, this template comes with all of the capabilities you may possibly need.

Connect Plus

connect plus

Connect Plus is a free HTML template built using Sass and based on the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework. This adaptable website template offers customers a number of complex and candid data display alternatives, making the data representation and visualization process easier. Connect Plus is also fully responsive, so it works well on a wide range of devices and browsers. With this admin template, you’ll get a slew of useful features.



If you’re working on a personal project or looking for a free admin template, Pluto could be the best option. This template comes with two dashboard designs and a slew of current features like a collapsible navigation bar, dropdown menu bar, maps, charts, various table formats, and more. Because of its well-documented and well-organized code, it’s straightforward to customize. You can also add functionality to the components of the template. Using Pluto instead of starting from scratch will save you a lot of time and effort.

Material Dashboard 2

material dashboard 2

This template is a superb open-source and free admin template based on Google’s Material Design. It comes with a few useful plugins to help it fit in with the rest of the design. It’s also fast, streamlined, and compatible with the latest devices and browsers. This admin template has all of the necessary features and functionality, as well as support for RTL languages.



Spica is a Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template that is easy to use. If you want a feature-rich, fast-loading template with a basic design, this is the template for you. Furthermore, it is completely responsive and error-free on any device or browser. It comes with ready-to-use components and a large range of user interface elements to help you build a strong admin dashboard website. If you have basic coding skills, you may use this free admin dashboard template as is or change it to your needs.



This dashboard design is totally responsive, meaning it looks great on all modern browsers and devices, including tablets and smartphones. This template has a beautiful font, a simple style, and is well-organized. It contains a wide range of basic user interface elements, as well as applications, forms, charts, tables, and other helpful functions. This responsive website template is immediately usable and will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Plus Admin

plus admin

The responsive Free Bootstrap dashboard template has a simple and elegant design with brilliant colors and eye-catching images. In addition, the admin dashboard has both vertical and horizontal layouts. Furthermore, it appears to work flawlessly on any device, regardless of screen size, because it is totally responsive and compatible with all current browsers. Even though the template has a unique appearance, it is easily modifiable to meet your needs.



Skydash is a free responsive admin dashboard template that was created with Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. It uses a minimalist design with a lovely mix of colors, fonts, and images to produce an appealing look and assist you in creating a stunning user interface. It’s completely responsive and runs smoothly on all modern browsers and devices. This template also comes with an MIT license, allowing you to use it on any project without fear of legal ramifications.



Focus offers two different sorts of admin dashboards, each with its own set of features. This dashboard template has all of the features you’ll need to get started with your online project. Its well-structured code also allows you to alter it without difficulty. So hurry up and download Focus if you want to strike online with cutting-edge technology.



It also includes a number of important modern features, such as Bootstrap UI components, a collapsible navigation bar, basic and complex forms, several types of tables, and more. With all of the essential tools, you can simply achieve top-notch flexibility. You won’t have to build anything from scratch because it comes with a well-organized collection of code and resources. So, construct your web app with Ruang Admin and get a fantastic admin panel.



It’s a straightforward and well-organized theme that can draw in more visitors. This s a dashboard template that may be used for online apps, admin panels, and eCommerce backends, among other things. This template is fully responsive, so it looks amazing on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Lastly, this template has a number of ready-to-use components and different user interfaces, therefore it has a lot of powerful and effective capabilities.

Soft UI

soft ui

Soft UI is ready to assist you in quickly creating a great dashboard interface. Besides, this template is fully responsive and works with all modern devices and browsers. It includes ready-to-use components as well as a selection of user interface elements to assist you in creating a solid website. You can use this admin dashboard template as is or adapt it to your own design if you don’t have any coding skills.



Elegant is a free admin dashboard template based on the Bootstrap 5 framework. Material design is a smart, clean, and minimalistic look for admin panels, software backends, and dashboards. It is fully responsive, suits all retina screens well, and is also compatible with recent browsers. What’s more, this template also includes a toggle button for switching between light and dark modes.

Dash UI

dash ui

This is a fully functional theme with the most up-to-date features and elements. It is immediately usable and will save you a great deal of time and work. In conclusion, if you want a template that sticks out from the crowd, this design is unquestionably the one for you. As a result, start your project with Dash UI and improve your admin dashboard.

Flat Able

flat able

Flat Able offers a sleek and simplistic single-page design that is entirely responsive. It includes basic but helpful user interface components, complex components, authentication pages, charts, maps, and more. This template is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. It’s simple to customize, so finish your project using this module and learn more about it.

Quantum Able

quantum able

This module is ideal for administrative dashboards, web applications, back-end software, analytics, CRM, and custom admin panels. This template is totally responsive and compatible with all major browsers. It features Basic but useful UI components, advanced components, authentication pages, font icons, different form components, data tables, charts, and maps.

Mega Able

mega able

Mega Able solves your issue by providing a comprehensive solution for developing a modern visual interface for your back-end dashboard. It has a clean and basic design that is fully responsive. This template can be used for your online software dashboard, admin panel, and control panel. You can organize your environment any way you want using various sorts of tables, forms, icons, charts, and other components.

Guru Able

guru able

This template is well-designed, extremely adaptable, and completely responsive. It provides you with ready-to-use components as well as a variety of UI elements to help you build a great website. Furthermore, this template interface is appealing and simple to use. With a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, you may use Guru Able as is or customize it to your liking.



This theme provides you with an interface that includes layouts, tables, charts, a chatbox, a to-do list, a Google Map, a JS Vector Map, authentication pages, pre-built error pages, and more. Besides, this template will be a lot of fun to use, and it will give your admin dashboard some extra wings. It is highly responsive, optimized, and well-suited to the devices and browsers that are currently accessible.

Material Able

material able

Material Able is a free light version of the Material Able Pro Dashboard Template that will help you meet your Dashboard requirements. It has high-featured pages and components with developer-friendly code. Besides, this template rendering is fast in all major browsers when it comes to performance. It received a high score in Google Page Speed, Pingdom, and GT Metrix.

Guru Able

guru able

It comes with a plethora of functions and comforts. In the kit, you’ll discover charts, widgets, a search option, forms, tables, and sample pages. Button, accordions, tabs, breadcrumbs, icons, and other elements are also included in the bundle. You may easily develop the theme further thanks to well-commented and well-organized codes. Finally, working with Guru Able will make your idea stand out and increase its potential.



This design, as the name suggests, has the decorum of an office desk and is ideal for admin dashboards. DeskApp is a free Bootstrap template that uses HTML5 and CSS3 to create a mind-blowing system for organizing data and dispensing it appropriately. This online canvas is completely responsive, well-optimized, and cross-browser and device compatible.



Let me introduce Volt, a brand new free Bootstrap 5 template! It’s a unique one designed just for admin dashboards. This one is completely responsive, well-crafted, and loaded with eye-catching features. The multi-purpose dashboard possesses all of the necessary characteristics to draw in more viewers for a longer period of time. This template is built purely with Vanilla Javascript and has no jQuery dependencies.



With material design, it’s a smart, clean, and simple web canvas for admin panels, software backends, and dashboards. Furthermore, Matter performs admirably right away and saves you time. Needless to say, you can change and customize the theme to suit your needs. It’s also mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. Finally, use Matter to present your creation and make it shine as brightly as possible on the internet.



Finally, Graindashboard is a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template built with HTML5 and Laravel. It’s a classy theme with a simple, elegant appearance. Graindashboard also has a great design and layouts that are totally responsive. It is ready to use right out of the box and performs admirably. Anyone who wants to create a custom admin panel using Graaindashboard can do so effortlessly.

Final Thoughts

To put it in a nutshell, we have just recommended to you a list of 30+ Free Bootstrap Dashboard Templates that are available in the market.

Furthermore, if you appreciate using gorgeous themes, please check our Free WordPress Themes, where you can find a large selection of fantastic themes for your website. Thanks for your attention.

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