If you are a photographer or want to construct an online portfolio website, you are in the right place. In this article, we have compiled a Collection of 30+ Free Bootstrap Gallery Template In 2021 that is ideal for any creative professional, including agencies.

Why should we use Free Bootstrap Gallery Template?

With any of these tools, you will enjoy the process of creating an interactive and modern-looking gallery website without any difficulties. Furthermore, if you’re a developer who likes to get ideas and alter the design to fit your specific demands, these free Bootstrap gallery templates can help you get started on your project quickly.

Top 30+ Free Bootstrap Gallery Templates



The first free Bootstrap picture gallery website template we would like to recommend is Boto. This template may be the finest option if you’re looking for a unique web canvas for presenting images. It features a precise design that is clean, basic, and minimal in appearance. It’s also completely responsive and cross-browser compatible. Finally, use this template to take your idea to the next level of success and popularity, and solidify your position on the web.



If you’re a photographer, PhotoGallery is an excellent theme for showcasing your work online. This template is a free Bootstrap 4 photo gallery website template made in HTML5. Furthermore, it is a completely responsive multi-page site canvas that is compatible with the majority of recent browsers. In addition, this module includes clear and easy-to-modify code that will help you achieve the most output with the least amount of effort.



Keto is a lovely theme for hotels, resorts, and other travel and booking-related businesses. Your users will enjoy a terrific user experience with it because of its modern, clean, and minimal design. Furthermore, this free template is fully adaptable and compatible with the latest browsers and mobile devices available. This is the design for you if you want a creative free bootstrap hotel template with a professional style.

Nomad Force

nomad force

Nomad Force is a free Bootstrap 5 landing page template. This free HTML website template is fully responsive, fluid, and adaptable to all modern screens and devices. Because of its basic appearance, this theme assures that everyone has a pleasant experience when reading your website. Besides, this theme comes with lots of modern options and features like a hero header with a slider, fixed top navigation bar, social media links, and many more.



Constra is a free HTML5 business website template based on Bootstrap 4. It features a refined design and a professional appearance that attracts attention. This template is also mobile-friendly and compatible with all modern browsers. This multi-page template is extremely adaptable, and it looks stunning and flawless on any device, regardless of screen size. It’s ideal for websites like industries, agencies, and other similar businesses.



Creative is the ideal spot for you to display your work because it is simple and straightforward. It is fully responsive and optimized for all of the most latest browsers, so it will easily fit into any screen size. Additionally, this template features a high-quality design as well as a clean, plain, and straightforward appearance. Begin your project with Creative and end up with a stunning website!



If you want to establish a strong and enduring first impression. Agency is the template for you. This template is designed specifically for agencies and small businesses searching for a captivating landing page. It is completely responsive, well optimized, and operates nicely on all contemporary browsers. It also has a hero header, a fixed top navigation bar, a call to action button, a contact form, a portfolio grid gallery, social network links, and many other useful features.



Clickr is a responsive Bootstrap 5 template designed for product photography agencies. This template is fully responsive, highly optimized, and has a pixel-perfect appearance on all retina screens. This template has excellent features such as a hero header, call-to-action button, photo gallery, and more. You may easily use it to promote your services and elevate your project to new heights.



Restaurantly is designed for hotels, bakeries, cafes, bars, catering services, food enterprises, and other food-related websites. It’s entirely responsive and works on every platform with any screen size. Because of its clean and well-organized code structure, it’s simple to customize. What’s more, this theme offers all of the features and sections you’ll need to build a beautiful website for your restaurant.

Astro Motion

astro motion

Astro Motion is a free Bootstrap 5 template for astronomy-themed websites. It features a smooth and appealing active backdrop video looping effect. You can also use your favorite one instead. Besides, this theme is a popular choice because of its many functions and attractive style. In all current browsers, it is completely responsive, well-optimized, and incredibly versatile.



Create a page with the aid of Majestic, a free HTML eCommerce template, to present your brand in the best possible light. This well-organized free HTML web template is fully responsive, beautifully tuned, and compatible with all retina screens and devices currently available. The structure of the template is so user-friendly and profitable that it will attract more visitors to your site.

Purple Buzz

purple buzz

This is a beautiful Bootstrap 5 template that is available for free. Besides, it’s a multipage template that’s highly responsive and designed for all major web browsers as well as retina displays. The code is simple to edit and comprehend, allowing you to easily customize it. Begin creating your commercial website with Purple Buzz today and take it to the moon.



This elegant and comfortable tour and travel website template will assist you in entering the travel sector. Besides, this is completely responsive, fully optimized, and well suited to all devices and browsers. You can also add your own personal touch to it to make the online experience more personalized. Begin today with Voyage to make a significant difference.



The Free Template we designed and developed in-house is back! We would like to introduce you to Klean, our most recent work. It’s a multifunctional landing page template made with Bootstrap 5. This clean and profitable web design is ideal for presenting your ideas online. You can use it right out of the box without getting worked up about minor technicalities. On the other side, if you’re tech-savvy, everything is set up for you.



Rhea is a beautiful free Bootstrap 5 landing page template for travel sites. The web skin’s appearance is clean and stylish, guaranteeing that your material is presented in an exotic manner. It is a powerful and easy-to-manage solution designed by Slab! Design that both novices and professionals may benefit from. This one is completely responsive and compatible with any retina screen available.



It’s a stunning web canvas built with the most up-to-date HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. This template provides you with all of the necessary tools to make your wedding one remember. Plus, this module offers a visually appealing design and fully responsive layouts. Wed, on the other hand, is ready to go straight away. In conclusion, it is an excellent site skin for showcasing your wedding website online and gaining recognition.



For corporate agencies, Grunt is a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 agency website template. This one-page creative theme is elegantly created and has a clean, minimal yet lovely appearance. It’s also fully responsive and optimized for all major browsers. Furthermore, because it is ready to use and very adaptable to adjustments, this quick loading and mobile-ready site save time. You may easily adapt it to meet your specific needs. With Grunt, you can create a magnificent web presence.



It’s the ideal website design for hair salons, parlors, and barbershops. The audience is attracted to the most impressive and nifty design with a fully responsive look. This theme is designed on a well-documented and well-organized code framework, making customization simple and painless. Furthermore, it is displayed beautifully and pixel-perfectly in all browsers. Finally, with Haircare, go the extra mile and create an outstanding web presence.



PetSitting has a sophisticated yet clean and minimal style that quickly draws the visitor in. The designs are totally responsive and compatible with the most modern browsers. Needless to say, it comes with a large number of features and assets. To mention a few features, the package contains a hero header, parallax effect, counters, accordions, and testimonials. Furthermore, this template is ready to use right out of the box.



It’s a smart, modern web canvas for all types of directory and listing websites. Furthermore, all of the most recent browsers present Directing in the best possible light, and the layouts are completely responsive. Plus, this template is ready to use right away, but you may easily change the theme to fit your branding guidelines. Keep in mind that directing your project will ensure its best level of success.



This template has a simple, elegant, and appealing design that piques everyone’s interest. Besides, this theme is readily ready to help you make the most of it. It’s also mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. It performs admirably on all platforms and has a pristine appearance. In short, get off to a strong start with MenzTailor and create a memorable online presence.



Amin is totally responsive and compatible with all current browsers. Furthermore, it comes with all of the necessary and intriguing features. You name it, and it’s in the package, from a hero header, slider, and call to action button to a mega menu, drop-down menu, and progress bars. This template can be used straight out of the box or tweaked and tailored to fit your personal style. In a nutshell, get your project started with Amin and watch it develop.



Photographer is an amazing theme for presenting your photos without a doubt. Furthermore, it is totally responsive and compatible with all modern browsers. Furthermore, you will be surprised to learn that it will save you a significant amount of time because the default look is immediately usable. You can also achieve the desired result by changing and personalizing the theme. In brief, Photographer will undoubtedly take your idea to the next level.



Anime is a Free Bootstrap Gallery Template for websites around gaming and anime. Nothing beats an online presence for reaching out to all gaming and anime aficionados, and it gets even better when the Anime template is added to the mix. The web skin is completely responsive, well-optimized, and compatible with all devices and retina displays. Plus, this theme is a modern, bold, and completely adjustable page canvas that you may use for your next project.



This theme is ideal for gyms, fitness centers, yoga studios, and other fitness-related websites. Furthermore, it is fully responsive and compatible with all contemporary browsers. This template may also be adjusted quickly and easily without the need for coding knowledge. Finally, get your project started with GymLife and rock the internet.



Louie allows you to create a great photographic portfolio for free. In addition, the package includes the most up-to-date conveniences and convenient options. This template comes with a hero banner, sticky sidebar, Instagram Feeds, and a blog section where you may share your stories. Because of its well-organized coding, customizing this theme is simple. To summarize, start with a distinctive and attention-getting project using Louie.



It’s a sophisticated yet simple and minimal web canvas for food and beverage blogging. Furthermore, this theme is totally responsive and compatible with all modern browsers. It looks great on any screen and performs admirably right out of the box. To alter the theme, you can save time by using well-commented and well-organized codes. In a nutshell, Bueno can take your idea to new heights.



GiveHope features completely responsive layouts that are compatible with all modern browsers. This theme includes a number of current and technologically advanced features, such as a hero header, modal video player, gallery, and sticky navigation, to name a few. In conclusion, this is the finest theme to use to start your project and make it shine.



Invits also works nicely right out of the box, so you don’t have to start from scratch. It’s also easily adjustable so you can get the form you want. The kit includes various useful features such as a hero header, sticky navigation, drop-down menus, and hover effects, to mention a few. Last but not least, use this template to construct your wedding website and let it take over the internet.



The last free Bootstrap Gallery Template in our collection is Photosen. This is an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to make their portfolio stand out from the crowd. It has an incredibly unique layout that will instantly pique everyone’s curiosity. Furthermore, this one is fully responsive, well-crafted, and works with all modern browsers and devices.

Wrap up

These are some of the most useful free Bootstrap gallery templates for your website. We hope this article is beneficial for your site. In case you have any queries, please give us a comment in the box below.

Moreover, we have a wide range of beautiful themes at our Free WordPress Themes, let’s visit and try them right now!

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