A navigation bar is a map of a website. It could lead consumers through a logical and straightforward framework to quickly obtain information. Here are 30 of the greatest free Bootstrap navbar template for 2021, in the hopes of assisting you in creating a quick and productive website.

What are the good points of the Free Bootstrap Navbar Template?

The navigation bar, sometimes known as the navbar, is an important part of any website or application. Without a navbar, a website or application is like leaving your consumers blindfolded in a dense forest. A bad navbar not only degrades the user experience but also hurts your SEO rankings. It’s usually a good idea to spend some time looking at and studying various navigation design solutions that can help others solve a problem. This may assist you in reaching a more informed decision while also saving you time. This bootstrap navbar examples post was created to let you see more inventive navbar design alternatives.

Top 30+ Free Bootstrap Navbar Templates



The first template we would like to recommend is Dgital. This is free Bootstrap navbar template that works well for digital startups, SEO firms, creative agencies, travel agencies, and other similar businesses. The responsive layout of the multipage template works beautifully on a variety of displays, including desktop and small mobile devices. It also boasts a blue and white color scheme, as well as eye-catching hover effects and a bevy of useful features. To sum up, this is a great tool for quickly creating a website for a creative agency.



Elegant is a free admin dashboard template based on the Bootstrap 5 framework. Material design is a smart, clean, and minimalistic look for admin panels, software backends, and dashboards. Jamshid, a passionate web developer, and UI/UX designer, created this template. It is fully responsive, suits all retina screens well, and is also compatible with recent browsers.

Quantum Able

quantum able

Quantum Able is a free Admin Dashboard template for Bootstrap 4. It’s ideal for administrative dashboards, web applications, back-end software, analytics, CRM, and custom admin panels. This template is totally responsive and compatible with all major browsers. It comes with Basic but useful UI components, advanced components, authentication pages, data tables, charts, and maps.

Mega Able

mega able

This template solves your issue by providing a comprehensive solution for developing a modern visual interface for your back-end dashboard. It has a clean and basic design that is fully responsive. Furthermore, this template can be used for your online software dashboard, admin panel, and control panel.

Guru Able

guru able

Guru Able is a great free Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template. This template is well-designed, extremely adaptable, and completely responsive. It provides you with ready-to-use components as well as a variety of UI elements to help you build a great website. This template interface is appealing and simple to use. With a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, you may use Guru Able as is or customize it to your liking.



Sevi is a free Bootstrap 5 template for any book-related website that is clean, tranquilizing, and current. This web skin has a unique yellow-violet color scheme that makes it more profitable than other templates. Our theme is fully responsive, well-optimized, and compatible with all major web browsers and retina displays.



If you want to build an educational platform, StudyLab is a great place to start. This is a powerful free Bootstrap template for educational websites such as schools, universities, online courses, and other educational sites. It can assist any educational institution in more vividly promoting its methods to its users. This creative and modern web theme is fully responsive, built with care, and compatible with all major browsers and devices.

Chameleon Admin

chameleon admin

It’s ideal for admin dashboards, web applications, software backends, analytics, CRM, or custom admin panels. Besides, this template is mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible. In addition, it looks great on every device, regardless of screen size. Furthermore, this module includes a code that is very easy to customize to help you feel at ease while producing. You will save time and money by using Chameleon Admin to create your project.

Argon Design System Angular

argon design system angular

Argon is also open source and comes with all of the latest features and aspects. It contains many reusable components such as buttons, inputs, navbars, menus, tabs, progress bars, and many others. It also has a simple and clean design with easy-to-use elements. To make the development process go smoothly, there is a lot of documentation. In addition, the bundle includes 5 customized plugins and four example pages.



Pretty is a free Bootstrap navbar template for a beauty business. Besides, this has a multi-page responsive layout with a clean and minimal design. This template also includes eye-catching elements such as a hero header, parallax effect, sticky navbar, loads on scroll motion, price table, and amusing fact counters. Create a gorgeous website with Pretty and get started on your project!



Namari has a simple and modern design. This responsive one-page HTML5 landing page template is completely free. It also includes a basic, well-organized, and commented code that allows it to be readily customized. Furthermore, this theme has a distinct design thanks to the artistic pictures and white background. This template includes lovely typography and an animated CSS3 preloader. Create with Namari and feel free to express yourself artistically!



COPA comes with six demo variations from which you can choose. Despite the fact that the portions in the numerous demonstrations are nearly identical, one can gain ideas for creating a new website that is capable of attracting potential clients.

The Real Wedding

the real wedding

This template was designed with modern technologies to make a big effect on your nuptials. It’s also a free one-page website template based on Bootstrap 4. Similarly, you can begin by telling about yourself and then go on to say more. For example, the timeline section allows you to list important events in chronological order. Let’s go on to the next phase, where you’ll find a home for your family.



We’d like to introduce you to Balay, a free interior design portfolio template. A responsive, well-built template for those who need to get their agency website up and running quickly. Furthermore, it is unquestionably a fantastic match for any house-related business, such as construction, painting, interior design, and renovation. Other notable features of Balay include a parallax effect on scrolling and counters for entertaining information.



There is a menu with text and icons, in addition to the colorful navbars. When you choose tabs, you can have them with icons or text. Additionally, progress bars and pagination may be useful. It’s also worth remembering the relevance of navigation pills, labels, and alerts. Similarly, Argon’s typography is a complete package with multiple configurations. There are styles for headings, display titles, paragraphs, and many other things.



Everyone feels at ease while scrolling through your site because the UI is so appealing. It appeals to you not just because it is responsive, but also because it has the ability to impact your audience. Furthermore, because this theme is built on the Bootstrap framework, your site will look great on every device, regardless of screen size. Another beautiful portion has an image in the center with features written around it with icons.



Cocoon creates a multifunctional design for creative agencies, photographers, portfolios, and start-up businesses. With just a click, images from the lightbox gallery will appear neatly and viewers will be able to slide them smoothly. Similarly, the portfolio section has a filtering tool, which consumers can utilize to find exactly what they’re looking for. Because the design is multi-page, you can use a number of pre-made pages to improve your experience.



Stuff is a free Bootstrap blog theme designed for blogs, magazines, and news sites. Using Stuff, make sure your material looks flawless and has a strong appeal to the readers. The template is entirely responsive and is built on the Bootstrap framework. Furthermore, this template works right along with any area – personal, photography, technology, fashion, or anything else.



You can use this template to promote your freshly released mobile apps. It satisfies your visitors from color choices to design, giving a visually attractive appeal. This template offers outstanding visibility across all platforms thanks to its Bootstrap 4 design. Furthermore, various new and handy features will help you save time and effort when working on a website.



Photo is mobile-friendly and features a well-organized layout for showcasing your best work. It also comes with a plethora of customization choices to help you create a unique website. Aside from that, it doesn’t cost you anything, so you can download it for free. Use this HTML5 photography template to create a website for art, photography, portfolios, and other photo-centric projects.



Let’s learn more about the Boxus creative agency website template. First and foremost, it has a beautiful structure that captures the attention of users. Second, it will help your site look great on a variety of devices. Third, this is one of the greatest digital agency website templates that can be used for a variety of purposes, including advertising agencies, creative studios, personal and portfolio websites.



The top navbar of Businessbox includes an email address, cell phone number, social media links, and login choices. The sticky navigation, which is located beneath that navbar, allows visitors to navigate between sites while scrolling. It also has a dropdown menu, a mega menu, and a search box. Similarly, pre-built pages are unquestionably beneficial in terms of time and effort savings.



Another great option for the highly interactive template is Magz. This is a free responsive magazine template with a lot of features for blogging. It can be considered a model of modern news portal templates because of its mobile-friendly and versatile capabilities. It’s a simple template that focuses on a clean layout and provides an excellent design for developing a classic blog.



Here’s a free one-page HTML5 template for commercial websites, developed with cutting-edge technology like Bootstrap 4. Creative is a stunning and dependable free Bootstrap 4 business template. The design isn’t spectacular, but it’s just what you need to take your business to the next level. It’s no longer a secret that having a well-informed website speeds up a company’s journey to its apotheosis.



Shards is a free Bootstrap Navbar template that can be used to create amazing website designs. Not only will it benefit novice users, but it will also appeal to the most tech-savvy consumers. The drag-and-drop mechanism is quite useful for completing tasks quickly while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Furthermore, the high-functioning prototypes closely resemble the final product.

Admin BSB

admin bsb

This is a fantastic web developer template based on Bootstrap and Material Design. It’s seductively responsive, astoundingly advanced, brilliantly designed, and jam-packed with tempting features. This template was created with users in mind. Besides, it includes all the tools necessary to provide a creative and flexible workplace.

SB Admin

sb admin

This template has a lot of useful plugins and adaptable components for creating a dashboard architecture for web projects. This template includes a navbar that may be fixed or static, as well as bright and dark Bootstrap 5 styles. This free admin template also includes four ready-to-use pages: Login, Registration, Forgot Password, and Blank Page.



Wrapkit is the name of the newcomer. It features some state-of-the-art UI blocks and elements, just like other HTML5 UI kits. This may be used to make any of your user interfaces, landing pages, coming soon pages, or admin pages. Furthermore, because this UI kit is built on Bootstrap 4, you can expect amazing responsiveness on both computers and mobile devices! To put it another way, this is an example of how cool and intelligent a free website UI kit can be!



This is a free Bootstrap Navbar template that is flexible and mature, responsive, and configurable. It’s also lightweight, dependable, developer-friendly, capable, resourceful, and well-designed. This theme is one of several free bootstrap website templates that is powerful, versatile, and entertaining.



Foodee is based on the Bootstrap framework, which is the second most popular project on GitHub. It includes HTML and CSS3 design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface elements, as well as optional JavaScript extensions such as the carousel, affix, panel, and accordion. Since version 3.0, Bootstrap has assisted websites in dynamically adapting to all devices and web browsers.



The last template you shouldn’t miss in our collection is Tasty. Because of its fluid layout, this theme works well on a variety of devices. With the help of the Bootstrap Grid System, it is totally mobile-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about keeping your site mobile-friendly.


Above I have mentioned a Collection of 30+ Free Bootstrap Navbar Templates in 2021 to help you take your site to the next level. We hope these templates will assist you in choosing a property template for your site. Feel free to leave us a comment if you have a query.

Moreover, you also can go to Free WordPress Themes to choose the best eye-catching themes to build up your website in an impressive and attractive way.

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