Are you looking for the best free Bootstrap landing page templates for your app, saas product, or software? In this article, we will show you a List of 20+ Free Bootstrap Template Landing Page in 2021 that assist you to find the best sales and landing page templates based on Bootstrap. Let’s explore and enjoy it!

Why should you use Free Bootstrap Template Landing Page?

With so many free landing page templates available, you can quickly construct a stunning landing page, freeing up hours of development time to focus on developing the proper message for your company. A landing page is essential in helping you reach the desired outcome based on your individual aim, whether you’re trying to sell an online service, an ebook, or a digital course.

Top 20 Free Bootstrap Template Landing Page



Dtox is a 100% responsive and versatile landing page template that works seamlessly on all devices and browsers, even mobile phones. This multipage template is more than capable of satisfying your needs as a startup or as a small business’s first step. Besides, it includes many significant features like a hero header, sticky navigation bar, features section, social media icons, and many more.



This HTML & CSS-based versatile template is fully responsive, well-optimized, and compatible with all retina-friendly displays and devices. The dark template will speed up the process of creating a visually appealing, professional-looking website. It has a well-managed and well-organized code structure that makes it simple to change with only a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. Because it comes as a complete package, you can even try it out without making any changes.



Simple is an excellent landing page website template for digital marketing and SEO concerns, allowing you to present your company in the best light possible. This is a simple landing page that you can create in a few minutes. You may easily customize it to meet your branding needs. As a consequence, this module is the perfect alternative for you if you want to create a gorgeous landing page website template.



It’s a well-designed HTML5 and CSS3 template for companies and startups. It has a simple design with blue backgrounds and a lovely hover effect on the icons. This template will let you present your material in a unique way. Marshmallow includes Gulp support, allowing you to save time and manage repeated tasks. Marshmallow is also fully responsive, highly optimized, and compatible with all currently available browsers and devices.



Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework for quickly designing custom user interfaces, according to the official documentation. Landmark is a professional one-page design template with appealing features. It is extremely responsive and works with all modern browsers. Creative design has almost all of the general components you’ll need to increase user engagement. It also has excellent features such as hover effects, a call to action button, a feature section, a pricing table, and testimonials, among others.



Landing is a simple and straightforward design theme with a lot of useful features. It’s mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and compatible with the latest browsers. It includes a hero header, sticky navigation bar, hover effect, call to action button, pricing table, and other cutting-edge features. If you have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, you should be able to grasp this latest framework with ease and use this template without difficulty.



Pavo employs a light-weight design approach with blue gradients, which is both beautiful and effective. It’s entirely responsive and well-optimized for the widest range of browsers. It has modern features including a hero header, sticky navigation bar, dropdown menu, hover effects, testimonial carousel, pricing table, and more. It was created with Tailwind CSS. The well-managed and ordered code will assist you in quickly developing your project.



It includes premium features such as a hero header, sticky navigation bar, on-hover effects, pricing table, testimonial carousel, and more. The most appealing feature is that every line of code is well-commented and organized, making programming logic much easier to construct. Leave the ambiguity behind and save time. So, begin with Lifetrakr and create a beautiful website.


This one is completely responsive, well-optimized, and well-suited to any device or browser. Safia will cut the time it takes to create a beautiful, professional-looking website down to minutes. It also includes a comprehensive set of well tuned code and other necessities. Today, use Safia to increase your internet presence with some more NOS.



Klean offers a lot of interesting features in its cart, including a hero header, a call-to-action button, a sticky top navigation bar, an on-hover effect, a service section, a project gallery, a testimonial carousel, a blog section, a contact form, and more. Our developers have also included pug and SCSS files to further the template’s versatility. Start creating with Klean today and push your SaaS-focused website to new heights.



Sevi is a free Bootstrap 5 template for any book-related website that is clean, tranquilizing, and current. Our theme is fully responsive, well-optimized, and compatible with all major web browsers and retina displays.
Sevi has exciting technologies beneath its hood, as well as a fine-tuned illustration from Slab! Design. Pug and SCSS files, like gulp-based workflow, can help your work go more smoothly than ever.



The web skin’s appearance is clean and stylish, guaranteeing that your material is presented in an exotic manner. This one is completely responsive and compatible with any retina screen available. Furthermore, uou can advertise your trip packages so that customers can book their dream vacation straight away. Furthermore, if necessary, you are free to make additional changes and improvements.



Zoufarm is completely responsive, beautifully optimized, and well-suited to all common retina displays. It has several top-notch features, such as a hero header, tab option, on-hover effects, testimonial carousel, and more, in addition to its great illustration. You can easily use the excellent template for something else because you can change and adjust it to your needs – there’s no need to limit yourself.



If you truly want to wield the power of web design, you will surely require the assistance of JoBest. It is 100 percent responsive, well optimized, and best suited for all retina screens currently available. It includes a hero header, accordions, pricing table, testimonial carousel, gradient style, subscription form, and more great features. You can use the template as is or make changes to it to fit your style and slogan.



This is a free Bootstrap 5 template for Multipurpose Landing Pages that we’ve handcrafted. It’s entirely responsive, well-optimized, and well suited to any retina display and device. It has various delicate features including a hero header, accordions, pricing table, testimonial carousel, gradient style, and others to make it a full package. Aside from using the template as is, anyone can personalize it with their own choices of customization.



Trafalgar is a relaxing free Bootstrap 5 template for landing pages that may be used for a variety of purposes. It’s a single-page web template designed to help a developer’s game run smoothly. This smart and modern web design creates a one-of-a-kind website that is fully responsive across all screens and devices. It includes several top-notch features, such as a hero header, a fixed top navigation bar, on-hover effects, a service section, and more.



For multipurpose landing pages, DataWarehouse is an excellent option. With this attractive skin, anyone can quickly get started on their project and have a website up and running. This template is completely responsive, adapting to all modern browsers and displaying wonderfully on retina monitors. Finally, this theme is a significant player when it comes to creating unique websites.



This amazing web skin greets all of your visitors with exotic features that you may use to promote your company. It’s fully responsive, highly optimized, and retina/HIDPI ready, so it’ll look great on any screen. Besides, you may present your service beautifully and improve your potential with WooLanding’s one-page website style. You can use it as is, but if you want to make any changes, you can do so as well.



This template is fully responsive, well-optimized, and retina-ready, so it looks great on any screen. Landie will greet every one of your visitors with a personalized illustration that you can use to promote your business. Besides, this is a fantastic one-page template that includes everything you could possibly need for your landing pages. The fixed top navigation bar, call-to-action button, footer navigation, gradient style, customizable illustration, and others are among its unique features.




WebApp features a visually appealing design that is both clean and straightforward. It is well-optimized, fast-loading, and compatible with all major browsers. It has a burger menu, a sticky top navigation bar, a drop-down menu, a testimonial carousel, a pricing table, a newsletter subscription form, and other dynamic elements. WebApp is a flexible theme that may be used for a variety of purposes right out of the box.

Wrap up

In conclusion, we have already recommended for you a List of 20+ Free Bootstrap Template Landing Page in 2021. We hope that this collection will be useful for you and your site. If you have any questions or meet any trouble related to these templates, please let us know in the box below.

Moreover, you also can go to Free WordPress Themes to choose the best eye-catching themes to build up your website in an impressive and attractive way. Thanks for your reading.

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