Nowadays, a vast variety of one-page website designs are available on the internet. With fewer materials and a single page scroll, these designs are very easy to explore. For a giveaway, we created a List of 20+ Free Bootstrap Template Onepage in 2021 for our customers. Let’s explore!

What are the advantages of Free Bootstrap Template Onepage?

The greatest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap one-page website designs. This is totally responsive and ready to make a statement with your online presence. Instead of doing things the old-fashioned way, use a modern one-page website to take things to the next level. On the ground of this, customers no longer have to jump back and forth to find the information they need. Alternatively, they have everything in one place and it’s only a few scrolls away.

Top 20 Free Bootstrap Template Onepage



The first template we would like to recommend is Stisla. On the homepage, this Bootstrap template greets visitors with full-width text above a stunning parallax graphic. Additionally, you will be accompanied by a sticky navigation bar throughout this one-page free HTML5 template. This current template also includes several important extra features. You can use the blog section to publish important details, tales, or tips. In addition, the web template includes a featured area. Finally, this professional yet basic template includes Google maps.

OnePage Lite

onepage lite

And since you’re here, you’ve come to the perfect location to acquire OnePage Lite, your most desired smart web template. The one-page layout approach is currently a highly popular and effective way to show your website. Visitors and clients will be able to locate everything they need to know on a single, well-organized page if they use this method.




OnePage is a one-of-a-kind, genuinely useful, and feature-rich responsive HTML template that is seamlessly created, beautified, and highly animated. It’s all about raw strength, and it promises to adapt to any situation, such as high or low traffic, making it a truly shapeshifting template. Furthermore, this theme comes with a plethora of seamless, feature-rich, functional, and professionally created layouts for getting started with your websites in a unique style in minutes.



Chain is a lovely ocean blue color gradient design on a white background. This template is designed for folks who enjoy visually appealing websites with cutting-edge user interfaces. Furthermore, because it is fully responsive, the free HTML web looks great on any device, regardless of screen size. It has the most up-to-date components for creating a gorgeous website, allowing you to move forward without anxiety.



In the hero header area, Patrix provides a modal video section with an eye-catching gradient design and illustration. This responsive landing template has a flexible and well-organized code structure that makes it simple to adjust to your needs. All of your guests will be greeted by Patrix, who will create a unique illustration that you can use to structure your services. Begin with this straightforward template for your perfect project and take it to new heights.

Finance Business

finance business

This responsive business template includes everything you’ll need to create a visually appealing website for your business. It’s simple to use, has a limited number of functions, and can be changed quickly and easily. This agency template is extremely adaptable, and it looks great on any device, no matter how big or little the screen is. Furthermore, this template allows you to create a strong web presence for your company.



If you are looking for a responsive website theme that can help you promote your services and reach a broader audience, Livedoc is the template for you. This HTML5 template can improve the user experience by bringing all of the most compelling health care packages under one roof. Furthermore, you will be able to use this fantastic template, which is powered by a gulp-based workflow, right immediately.

Astro Motion

astro motion

Astro Motion is a free Bootstrap 5 template for astronomy-themed websites. This template is likely to be popular due to its numerous features and attractive style. In all current browsers, it is completely responsive, well-optimized, and incredibly versatile. The code is well-documented and well-structured. Within a short period of time, you may simply alter it to fit your personal taste.

Mobile App

mobile app

Mobile App is a modern, profitable, clean, and simple theme that’s entirely responsive. Almost all recent browsers are supported by the mobile app. Furthermore, this is the ideal option for websites such as web apps, mobile apps, and software. It also includes a number of modern and tech-savvy features such as a call-to-action button, pricing table, and footer navigation, among others.



This template has a clean, modern design with bold font and vibrant colors. Nexus keeps up with all of the latest web trends and technology. As a result, Nexus contains all of the necessary assets and functionality to meet your requirements. Sticky navigation, call-to-action buttons, full-screen banners, drop-down menus, pricing tables, and hover effects, to mention a few, are all included. It’s also compatible with all major browsers, retina-ready, and performance-optimized.



Places is a travel agency theme with a lot of animation and sections. A full-screen header background image with dynamic lettering greets you. However, because of its adaptability, it may easily be integrated into any small business or agency website. The elements, colors, and other styles can all be customized to your liking. This responsive travel website template also comes in single-page and multi-page versions. As a result, it’s one of the best free CSS templates for travel websites.



Do you desire a sleek and contemporary blog or photography website? That, too, without exerting excessive effort? Clearly, this template was designed with you in mind. This template has always been the finest site to find free HTML5 templates. As a result, it’s time to introduce yet another excellent free multipurpose template.



Nova is a free mobile app landing page template that targets showcase projects. It has a simple UI and excellent UX, as well as a one-page feature. You can condense all of your ideas onto a single page, and your clients will have no trouble seeing them. It contains distinct components, such as a hero header, social networking links at the bottom, a color scheme, and more. This template is an extremely valuable tool for promoting a new company’s business.



The Portfolio is a fully responsive HTML5 design that works with any mobile device and all of the popular browsers. Besides, this is a one-page template for a personal website. As a result, all of the content you want to show can fit on a single page, which speeds up browsing.



Initio is a completely free portfolio site template that is fully responsive. This adaptable personal website template is compatible with all major browsers and adjusts to any device. Google will undoubtedly rank your site if you correctly format your articles and photos. This free responsive portfolio site template was created with Google’s SEO Friendly Guidelines in mind.

Mega Able

mega able

Mega Able is a basic and clean design that is fully responsive. You can organize your environment any way you want using various sorts of tables, forms, icons, charts, and other components. Even several maps, such as basic maps, markers maps, overly maps, and geocoding maps, will aid with precisely displaying your data.



DeskApp is a free Bootstrap template that uses HTML5 and CSS3 to create a mind-blowing system for organizing data and dispensing it appropriately. This online canvas is completely responsive, well-optimized, and cross-browser and device compatible. Furthermore, it includes many essential modern features such as basic and custom data tables, breadcrumbs, calendars, invoicing, several dashboard designs, pre-built error pages, and more.



This is a smart free Bootstrap admin dashboard template. Tinydash, which comes with the majority of the necessary capabilities, is ideal for creating admin panels, e-commerce platforms, SaaS administration systems, and management systems. This is 100% responsive, well-tuned, and finely-fitted for any current browser.



Marshmallow is a stunning HTML5 and CSS3 template for small businesses and startups. It has a simple design with blue backgrounds and a lovely hover effect on the icons. This template will let you present your material in a unique way. It includes Gulp support, allowing you to save time and manage repeated tasks. This template is also fully responsive, highly optimized, and compatible with all currently available browsers and devices.



The last template in our list you shouldn’t overlook is Skydash. This is a free great-looking responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS. Besides, it uses a minimalist design with a lovely mix of colors, fonts, and images to produce an appealing look and assist you in creating a stunning user interface. It’s completely responsive and runs smoothly on all modern browsers and devices.


We have just suggested a List of 20+ Free Bootstrap Template Onepage in 2021. So, for your next project, utilize these lovely free one-page website templates. All of these templates are completely free to use and modify. Best wishes and nice browsing.

In addition, don’t hesitate to share with us your problems or amazing experience, we will support you anytime. Moreover, we have a wide range of beautiful themes at our Free WordPress Themes let’s visit and try them right now!

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