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Email marketing is one of the most often used marketing strategies for online businesses. If you have an online store, delivering an e-newsletter is a great way to reach out to your target clients. In this article, we will recommend a Collection of 20+ Free Email Bootstrap Templates in 2021 that assist you to achieve your goal effectively. Let’s explore!

Why should we use Free Email Bootstrap Template?

Email is one of the most effective ways to get and maintain your customers’ attention. You’ll need a well-designed email newsletter to make it function. But what if you’re unsure about your ability to develop an email newsletter? That’s where an email newsletter template may help you stand out by making your emails look absolutely professional. On the ground of this, we will show you some of the greatest email templates to help you achieve that aim in this tutorial.

Top 20+ Free Email Bootstrap Templates



Standout is a free app email landing page template that is ideal for apps, software, mobile apps, and more. It boasts a contemporary appearance, fashionable features, and interesting characteristics. Colorful backgrounds, scrolling material, pricing tables, and call-to-action buttons are all useful features. With this template, you can put yourself and your product in front of your target audience and increase app downloads.

Christmas Email

christmas email

Christmas is approaching, and people are eager for your fantastic products! So don’t wait any longer – download this fantastic responsive Christmas Email Template and surprise your customers with a fantastic offer. You will be able to alter this template on your own because it is properly documented. Simply upload your product photographs and creative wording to wow your customers!



It is a lovely ocean blue color gradient style on a white background. This template is designed for folks who enjoy visually appealing websites with cutting-edge user interfaces. This free CSS template comes with a variety of components, designed blocks, and fully programmed pages. Furthermore, because it is fully responsive, the free HTML web looks great on any device, regardless of screen size.



This template has a hero header, sticky navigation bar, call to action button, social media icons, and many more useful features. It comes with a well-structured code, so you should have no trouble altering it if you have some basic coding knowledge. If you want to get your professional presentation off to a fast start, Dtox is the way to go.



Fruitkha has a sleek, simple style and, because to its low latency, is extremely responsive. This well-designed food template is compatible with all major browsers, mobile devices, and retina screens. Furthermore, a striking design, along with a breathtaking appearance and beautiful photographs, draws the attention of the greatest number of users.



It’s an ideal responsive website theme for promoting your services and reaching out to a broader audience. This HTML5 template can improve the user experience by bringing all of the most compelling health care packages under one roof. So, start with Livedoc and utilize it to construct a professional and user-friendly medical website.


Ace is completely responsive and works brilliantly on any of the most latest desktop and mobile platforms. It’s also compatible with all of today’s browsers. Besides, this template is well-equipped and stylishly furnished, with modern amenities and conveniences. If you want a basic design portfolio template for your photography website, this module is undoubtedly the finest option.



Orthoc is also fully responsive, well-optimized, and compatible with all modern browsers and devices. The design is simple, elegant, and stylish, which might help a website attract more visitors. Apart from that, this free website template has a corporate design with multipage ready-to-use sections for building a professional website.



Jadoo is a user-friendly and interactive open source website template for travel agencies. This template was designed with Bootstrap 5 and Gulp Based Workflow to ensure that your project works smoothly. With so many wonderful capabilities, you can also use video footage in the hero header area to fully represent the package vacation and services you offer.



This template is a cutting-edge template designed specifically for courier service websites. This company template can help you out with its warm color scheme and well-presented functionality. This template, an open-source website design built using HTML and CSS, can improve the user experience and make the creation process much more manageable.



This is the ideal landing page website template for digital marketing and SEO concerns, allowing you to present your company in the best light possible. Aside from that, it has a delicate hero header with a simple illustration, a sticky navigation bar, a call to action button, email subscriptions, and many other features. You may easily customize it to meet your branding needs.



This template comes in three color choices and is jam-packed with the most up-to-date capabilities. Furthermore, its code structure is well-organized, allowing anyone to rapidly and easily modify it. Furthermore, this template is a freebie that will assist you in laying a solid foundation for your internet business. So, buy it today and start utilizing Digimedia to work on your project.



This admin template is not only easy to use and customize, but it’s also quite scalable. Besides, this module is highly responsive, looks great on mobile devices, even on all modern browsers. Furthermore, some other features of this template include email applications, chat apps, typography, alerts, buttons, and many more. Make use of this template to get started developing your admin dashboard in no time.



Onix is a responsive template with SEO and digital marketing in mind. On a white backdrop, this template features a stunning design with blue and red tones that complement each other nicely. As a result, the design template is a one-page template that is highly adaptable with any browser and device.



Novena is a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 template for healthcare websites. This one is perfect for any website that deals with medicine or doctors. Besides, it’s totally responsive and compatible with the majority of modern browsers. The design is basic, clean, and it is likely to appeal to a wide range of visitors. It also includes a slew of cutting-edge features and plugins.



Collab is a free Bootstrap 5 template designed for corporate and company websites. This template is fully responsive and optimized for all types of retina displays and the most recent browsers. In addition to its amazing illustrations, this business module has a hero header with animation, a sticky navigation bar, accordions, and more. As a result, you can customize this template to meet your specific requirements.



This template is designed by Vlad Musienko that can be used as a platform for online watch stores. This template has a simple design layout, but you may quickly customize it to your liking. With minimal effort, you can simply change this online store website template to make it your own. So, without further ado, let’s get started with Watch today.

Zay Shop

zay shop

Zay Shop is a totally responsive template that is designed for online store eCommerce templates. It features a fantastic design that is nice and tidy. The template bundle has a number of useful and excellent features. Someone who wants to create an internet business and needs a website would surely benefit from this template.

Purple Buzz

purple buzz

Purple Buzz is a good fit for a variety of agency websites, including business, corporate, and commercial ones. It’s a multipage template that’s highly responsive and designed for all major web browsers. In addition, there are six separate HTML pages in this design. It will be a wonderful commercial site for you if you tweak it quickly with structured coding and clear documentation.


The last template in our list is Klean. This free email bootstrap template includes a hero header, call-to-action button, sticky top navigation bar, and other appealing characteristics in its cart. Start creating with Klean today and push your SaaS-focused website to new heights.

Wrap up

To summarise, we have just recommended the best Free Email Bootstrap Templates that assists you to choose the property template. Feel free to leave us a comment if you have a query.

Besides, don’t forget to renew your boring site look with Free WordPress Themes here. Thanks for your attention.

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