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Are you seeking for a way to add collapsible sections known as accordions to your website? If you are in such a sitiation, this article is suitable for you. However, because there are so many options on the market, finding the correct one for your needs can be difficult. In this post, we’ll go over our List of 8 Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin In 2021, which you can use for a variety of purposes. Let’s discover!

What can Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin

do for your website?

In fact, a WordPress accordion plays s an important part in enhancing your readers’ experience. If readers are in a rush, they can easily skim over a post. This also means fewer bounce rates because your visitors won’t have trouble accessing the information they need. Furthermore, accordions are commonly used by webmasters for FAQs, although they can be used anywhere in the content area. As a result, the reader can easily absorb the message that you give.

Top Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin

Ultimate FAQ

ultimate faq

The first plugin that we would like to recommend is Ultimate FAQ. By using a Gutenberg block or shortcode, you can quickly build FAQs with this plugin and add them to your WordPress site. It uses a custom post type and can be easily integrated into any website. Additionally, this plugin is highly user-friendly so that it assists you with creating your first FAQs as well as creating a FAQ page.



It’s a free plugin that’s straightforward and easy to use. You can change the background colors, fonts, padding and margins, and other elements of your accordion content to make it appear and feel different. You can also change the style of the accordion header and the accordion icons. Overall, it’s simple to use and comes with a lot of functionality for a free plugin. However, one disadvantage is that developer support for the plugin may be delayed.

Helpie FAQ

helpie faq

Helpie FAQ is a powerful WordPress FAQ Plugin that allows you to easily create, amend, and integrate FAQs and Accordions on your site. With the FAQ block with the Gutenberg editor, you can easily use it. It includes an option to activate an inline FAQ search bar, as well as adding FAQ Schema automatically. You may add FAQs to all pages and posts using the basic shortcode builder. It has a Gutenberg Editor FAQ block.

Lightweight Accordion

lightweight accordion

With Lightweight Accordion, you can easily add a collapsible accordion to your website with a small code footprint without any coding requirement. Thanks to the help of an HTML tag and a small (optional) CSS file, this allows you to easily create a Javascript-free accordion for maximum performance. Additionally, this plugin uses a shortcode to work with both Gutenberg and the traditional editor.

Ultimate Blocks

ultimate blocks

If you use the Gutenberg editor, Ultimate Blocks is an excellent plugin for extending the capabilities of the Gutenberg editor with blocks. This plugin is not only a collection of new blocks for the WordPress block editor but also a basic WordPress accordion plugin. By using Content Toggle, you may create accordion sections straight from the native block editing interface. In addition to accordions, the Ultimate Blocks plugin includes a variety of other blocks such as tab content, social share buttons, star ratings, and more.



Gutentor is a Gutenberg Blocks collection for WordPress that allows you to create a limitless number of web pages. By using the new WordPress editor Gutenberg, you can build professional elegant websites with very ease and with no coding knowledge. Plus, it is a lightweight WordPress plugin that’s geared for speed. Another fantastic feature is the enormous number of gorgeous blocks available, which increases the flexibility of producing and designing material.

Accordion and Accordion Slider

accordion and accordion slider

If you wish to experiment with an accordion slider, Accordion and Accordion Slider can be a visually appealing addition to your site. This plugin allows you to your blog posts, pages, or even WooCommerce items based on your preferences according to your desire. Besides, you may incorporate external connections into these photos without any difficulty. The only limitation is it only works in modern browsers that support CSS3 transforms and transitions, therefore users of earlier browser versions may experience difficulty.

Accordion Blocks

accordion blocks

The last plugin you don’t miss in this collection is Accordion Blocks. This is a simple plugin that adds a Gutenberg block to your pages that allows you to add accordion drop-downs. There are a variety of bespoke styles to choose from, and you can quickly customize them to fit your preferences. The fact that this Accordion Gutenberg block is a nested block that can accommodate numerous content types implies that you can put any block inside the accordion tab container.

Wrap up

To summarise, there are dozens of options available on the market. Each plugin has different pros and cons, making it difficult for you to select. To help you to choose the right one for you, we have just shared a List of 8 Gutenberg WordPress Accordion Plugin In 2021. We hoped that this post will be beneficial for you and your site.

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