Do you want to build a website without having to worry about any code? Hiring a developer would do the trick but could cost you a lot of money. And you would be right about that. Developers can cost an arm and a leg if they are worth their salt. But if you’re not a developer (and don’t have the budget to hire one), what are your options to make professional-looking pages for your site? There aren’t many of them, to be fair, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your idea for a beautiful website!

Because this is precisely where drag-and-drop website builder plugins come to play. WordPress page builders now make it possible to create a professional WordPress site cheaply and efficiently, all on your own, with no coding skills required. WordPress page builders plugins always help you create, edit, and customize your website layout without writing any additional code. With a page builder plugin, you can add any content to a page using ready-made drag and drop content elements, aka blocks, modules, or widgets.

You can easily customize, move, and arrange the content elements to design unique website layouts until you are satisfied! Simple right? Well, let’s get down to the list that we’ve compiled for you:


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Why should you bother with Elementor? Well, you can design your entire theme using the same convenient Elementor interface. This includes your header, footer, archive pages, single post pages, WooCommerce product and shop pages, custom post type templates, etc. You get dedicated widgets for common elements, and you can even dynamically insert content from custom fields. It will also design flexible popups using the entire Elementor interface. You can include all the regular Elementor widgets, which lets you create email opt-in popups, contact form popups, login popups, and more.

Of course, it is essential to note those two features come included only with the Elementor Pro version, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider the free version as well.

Even with the free version, Elementor is fast, easy to use, and beginner-friendly. It’s a visual drag and drop page builder, so you can see your changes live as you make them. You just drag and drop widgets to where you want them.

*Note: If you ever deactivate Elementor, it leaves behind clean code. For example, if you had an <h3> header with Elementor, you’ll still have an <h3> header after deactivating Elementor – it will just use your theme’s styling.


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SeedProd is a premium drag and drop landing page builder plugin for WordPress. It is widely recognized as one of the better website builder plugins out there, and for a good reason! So even though it’s a premium solution, it’s worth giving it a shot.

The plugin comes with an intelligent design system, so you can save time by re-using elements instead of doing repetitive work. You can define color schemes, save font combinations, page templates, custom blocks, sections, and more.

SeedProd can work with all popular WordPress themes and plugins. It also has built-in subscriber management, and you can easily connect with popular email marketing services such as MailChimp and other plugins like that. And on top of all, that is advertised as SEO-friendly and optimized for website speed in mind.


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Divi is a robust webpage builder for WordPress that comes with many content modules and limitless design possibilities. It’s super easy to use and has tons of layouts and templates for different types of websites. It’s pretty popular, to be honest with you, and that’s why it is on this list.

Everything is customizable using the Divi Builder plugin (colors, fonts, sizing, spacing), and you can create custom page layouts. The plugin comes with several content elements like pricing tables, audio player, calls to action, buttons, and more that you can use to build the perfect WordPress site.

Since this plugin is the foundation of the Divi WordPress theme, you’ll get access to the bundle of premium products by Elegant Themes with its purchase. This is important to note because Divi does not offer a free plan. However, it is relatively affordable, and you get a lot from purchasing it. Additionally, you can use the Divi Web Builder with any other WordPress theme.

Beaver Builder

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Beaver Builder is one of the most user-friendly WordPress page builder plugins available out there. It comes with an authentic frontend visual editor, which lets you easily design a page with real-time previews happening simultaneously. Because it is a simple, user-friendly WordPress page builder, that makes it is an excellent choice for beginners who want to have a professional and stylish-looking WordPress website.

You can quickly drag and drop content modules like sliders, galleries, testimonials, counters, and more to create a landing page within minutes without any coding skills, using the live editor to show your pages in real-time. Beaver Builder also comes with more than thirty professionally designed templates you can use to build your page even faster by simply replacing the sample content with your own.

The downside here is that the free version is somewhat limited, and to unlock its best features, you will have to purchase it! Although this just means you’ll be able to give it a trial run to see if it is suitable for you.


These are the four WordPress website builder plugins that seem to be dominating the market as of right now. Of course, this is constantly changing with updates and innovations. However, their popularity speaks for itself and is enough for a recommendation for us to be listing them here. We wish you great success in your online projects! It’s no longer a requirement to be a developer to have a fantastic WordPress website, thanks to the help of these plugins.
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