WordPress websites are highly desirable by content-oriented ventures as they’re easy to create and customize, and they’re generally user-friendly.

However, when first signing into your newly created WordPress website, you’ll notice that it is, well, pretty bland.

Putting in the initial effort is key! But if building upon WordPress is not your forte, if you lack patience, time, or you seek a custom, high-quality website, you may turn your attention to creative Chicago website design experts.

Furthermore, if you seek to increase your conversion rate right off the get-go, you might want to employ one of the reliable pay per click agencies.

Simplicity and sleek minimalism are welcome, but being basic is a no-go, whether you’re a professional web designer or you just started playing with WordPress features.

After selecting your WordPress theme, you’ll witness that your website lacks functionality.

Enter WordPress plugins!

But before we start, what are WordPress plugins exactly?

To put it simply, they are pre-coded apps that integrate with your WordPress site. They provide functionality without you having to worry about a single line of code.

There are nearly 50k free plugins available for your WordPress website, but we chose the top seven plugins that can help you improve your user experience (UX).

Yoast SEO

In this day and age, whether you’re into digital marketing or not, search engine optimization (SEO) is a must-have. Every single website needs good SEO and for that reason, this plugin is a great addition. It is one of the more popular plugins for WordPress websites because it provides a wide array of features.

It is easy to set up, easier to use and it is a great way to keep your website search friendly and accessible to your users.

Emphasize on search-friendliness as it is the seed of a beautiful flower, better known as user satisfaction. Be sure to “water” it constantly.

Broken Link Checker

It’s simple; broken links are infuriating. They hinder user experience.

Think of it like this: Every link is a promise, the incentive to click on it depends on the quality of your copy, but as we all know – broken promises are the worst, as they breed mistrust and, in this case, abandonment.

When a user doesn’t get to engage with the intended content, it’s entirely your fault, no matter the initial reason.

Luckily, there’s a plugin to help you monitor your WordPress website for broken links – Broken Link Checker. It is easy to use as it drastically reduces link maintenance. It scans your site, notifies you of broken links and makes suggestions for fixing them.

WP Touch

Although it’s still not on par with desktop when it comes to conversions, 70% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. Most of the online visitors interact with your WordPress website via a small screen, so you’ll have to make that interaction as smooth as possible without them constantly pinching and resizing pages.

WP Touch is a mobile plugin that offers a quick solution to these hurdles by automatically adding a simple and sleek mobile theme to your WordPress website.

Provide Support Live Chat

Getting in touch with your customers directly is always a plus in their book as they want quality service when shopping for products and/or services online. Before making a purchase, most customers want answers to their pressing questions and unmet needs, which affects their decisions.

The Provide Support Live Chat plugin lets your visitors get in touch with you (or your team) whenever they find themselves at the crossroad. It is easy to install and it will certainly breed new life to your website.

Besides, nothing conveys that you actually care for their needs better than genuine, organic mitigation of customers’ doubts.

Gravity Forms

While most online businesses invest heavily into SEO and CRO, they fail to realize that online forms are more often than not the crucial hurdle, where most slip and fall.

It may sound easy and straightforward, but providing your visitors with an efficient and elegant way to sign up for an account, purchase the desired product/service and providing different payment options can be overwhelming.

That’s why the Gravity Forms plugin was made.

From the traditional contact form to online payment, it manages everything. Gravity Forms is reliable and it can be built upon and customized, depending on your needs.


There is an abundance of plugins for boosting your website speed, but KeyCDN is one of the simplest and most reliable for page load speed.

Page load speed is one of the key ranking factors. It’s simple: if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, we have bad news for you. Users’ patience is usually on the shorter side, so KeyCDN integration will bring major value and keep visitors happy.


Monstersights doesn’t directly improve your website’s UX, but it is essential for monitoring your traffic. This plugin connects with and upgrades Google Analytics and lets you keep track of where your users come from, what they are doing, how much time they spend on the site, etc.

Measuring your users’ behavior and experience is the first step to enhancing your website, and therefore, the most valuable.


Your website is not too dissimilar to a flower attracting bees (your visitors in this analogy). Similar to flower’s evolutionary advantages such as bright colors, pleasant smell, height, and so on, your website needs features attractive to visitors.

WordPress plugins play a lead role in that “pollination” as they make websites feel custom-tailored to prospective customer needs. With so many available, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the ones optimal to your website, but remember – A happy beehive means lots of honey!

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