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Today, if you’re running a business for digital product, you will know about Freemium. Yes, it’s most popular business model that most of product provider use it. As you know, everyone want to try your product before to pay for that, that’s why we released Freemium products download area for everyone.

Who can submit product in our website?

1/ If you’re product provider and providing Free products for try (freemium product), advanced product features for purchase, let submit your products. Please notice that we do not accept premium product feature in your upload, if you want to upload your full version of product, please follow step (2).

2/ If you’re premium product provider, you must to contact us at [email protected] and leave a license for us, and allow us to upload your Premium product in our website without problem with license, product can download by everyone and under your Free license, customer can download Premium product and try it before to purchase. You will save more time and money because it reduces refund cases for your company (if your company offer 7 or 30 days money back for order).

3/ If you’re author, provider and building total FREE product for everyone, just submit your FREE product via submit your products page, so everyone can download and use your product. You can promo your service beside the product or inside product, we’re happy to accept it.

More downloads, more uses… and you will get more orders…. more money!


Thank you!

Freemium Download Team

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