In fact, age verification plugins allow you to implement age restrictions and restrict access to your website’s content to a specific age range. In this article, we have hand-picked a List of 9 WordPress Age Verification Plugins in 2021 so you can easily set up an age gate in WordPress. Let’s explore!

Why should you choose WordPress Age Verification Plugin?

Age verification mode, as you may know, is an important tool that allows you to add age-based checks to your website. However, there are thousands of such plugins on the market these days, and you may be puzzled as to which one is appropriate. Understanding your requirements, we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress Age Verification plugins, each with a detailed analysis. We hope you find today’s blog to be helpful!

Top 9 WordPress Age Verification Plugins

Age Gate

age gate

Because it’s free and works for almost everyone, Age Gate is our top pick for an age verification plugin. Bots and crawlers are immediately granted access to the content, ensuring that your site’s SEO is protected. You can choose which content to gate depending on your own criteria, and you can even use a shortcode to block specific pieces of content within an existing page or post. You can adjust the sequence and type of verification input to fit your site, whether it’s inputting responses in a form, picking from a selection, or clicking yes/no.



AgeVerify is an excellent choice for those who need to secure material on their website but don’t have a large budget. However, keep in mind that the free version is ad-supported, which means your users will see advertisements that aren’t yours. While AgeVerify does not provide as much customization as some of the others, the creators have offered templates with attractive photos based on popular site specializations that would require a WordPress age verification plugin. Give the free version a try because it’s easy and lovely.



Agy is a WooCommerce plugin that makes your eCommerce store more user-friendly. You may sell a variety of products in your shop, ranging from digital downloads to actual items that you mail, and not all of them will be suitable for all ages. This plugin also has a feature that distinguishes it from many other age-verification plugins: it allows registered users to bypass content locks.

Age Verification System for WordPress

age verification system for wordpress

You have a lot of options with the Age Verification System for the WordPress plugin. You may utilize a variety of conditions to display the lockout, including custom post kinds, specific blog posts, categories, and even WooCommerce product categories. Furthermore, the plugin comes with over 20 responsive themes to help you style your blocker, and while it’s not totally customizable, you can add background pictures and copy to keep it consistent with your brand.

Marijuana Age Verify

marijuana age verify

Another great option for the highly interactive plugin in our list is Easy Marijuana Age Verify. This is a fantastic plugin that allows you to set specific ages for each user on your website. You may quickly install and operate this plugin by using this plugin in just a few minutes. Furthermore, this module is also compatible with a wide range of websites, including WooCommerce shopping carts, cannabis farmers, blogs, and more.

Age Verification

age verification

Age Verification is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to design a pop-up window that appears on your website. This plugin allows you to place a pop-up window onto your site and then determine what age group of visitors is appropriate for seeing your website’s content. You may also personalize numerous aspects in your age verification box by using it.

CPS | Age Verification

cps age verification

By offering an explanation of the information that is displayed in a popup, the CPS ensures that visitors have a positive time. They can then select YES if they want to continue or NO if they want to go to another URL. Furthermore, this plugin enables customers to log in without being asked if they have a special account. Don’t hesitate!

Easy Age Verifier

easy age verifier

We would like to recommend Easy Age Verifier, a free WordPress Age Verification Plugin. If someone has already visited your site, the plugin remembers their response and does not encourage them to do so again. Additionally, the developers have attempted to keep Google’s crawlers whitelisted, despite their sophistication.

WordPress Responsive Age Verification

wordpress responsive age verification

The last plugin in our list is WordPress Responsive Age Verification. This is another WordPress age verification addon worth investigating. This module focuses on on-site engineering and gives you complete control over your website’s users without any effort. This is a good module that you should try as a viable option!


We hope that this post can assist you to choose the proper plugin for your website! Don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it beneficial. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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