Are you looking for a tool that assists you to display your avatars? Today, we are going to show you the best WordPress Avatar Plugin that lets users post their own avatar images. Every plugin is described with its available features and highlights, making it much easier to choose the most appropriate. Let’s explore!

Why should you choose WordPress Avatar Plugin?

If you run a WordPress blog or business site, putting a face to your material might make readers feel more connected and engaged. Avatars, which are images that represent you across your website, are an easy way to accomplish this. An avatar gives your website a more personal feel and allows visitors to get to know you better as a person.

Top 8 WordPress Avatar Plugins

Simple Local Avatars

simple local avatars

The Simple Local Avatars plugin is the simplest Gravatar replacement. You can use any photo from your media library to create your avatar. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to set the avatar size directly from your dashboard, eliminating the need to resize the image before uploading. This plugin also works with Gravatar, so you can link your Gravatar image to your WordPress profile.

WP User Avatars

wp user avatars

WP User Avatars is another free and simple plugin that allows you to change your Gravatar image with one that you upload directly to your website. Because this plugin has few options, so it won’t slow down your site’s load times. What’s more, this module adds an “Avatar” field to the user profile customizer after activation. That means you can choose a photo from your media folder and give it a rating (G, PG, R, or X).

Author Avatars List

author avatars list

If you have a multi-user blog, the free Author Avatars List plugin may be beneficial. With this plugin, you can use a simple shortcode to display a list of user avatars in a sidebar widget. You can also personalize your list presentation by changing the number of users shown and the avatar image sizes. The plugin, in particular, allows you to insert single avatar images on a page if you’re writing about a certain person.

Avatar Manager

avatar manager

Avatar Manager is a straightforward yet useful WordPress plugin for storing and organizing custom user avatars. By using this free option, users can choose between Gravatar and a custom local avatar. Furthermore, users also can choose their preferred avatar source and adjust the default size of their avatar image in the user profile screen after installing Avatar Manager.



WP User Avatar, formerly known as ProfilePress, was a dedicated WordPress avatar plugin that allowed users to submit any image and use it as their avatar. The plugin’s purpose, however, has lately changed. Users with a ProfilePress membership can now utilize a drag-and-drop tool to create user profile layouts. After then, visitors to the site can register and add their photos and personal information.

Basic User Avatars

basic user avatars

Similar to Simple Local Avatars and WP User Avatars, this plugin allows users to upload their own profile photographs to use as avatars for free. In the user customizer, it adds an “upload” area where you can upload a picture directly from your device. Using the plugin’s shortcode, embed your avatar image on any page, post, or sidebar.

WP First Letter Avatar

wp first letter avatar

If you wish to utilize the first letter of your name as an avatar, WP First Letter Avatar is for you. It can be used without Gravatar. You have complete control over the size and color of your avatar as a user. Before you can create a new avatar set, you must first create a new directory. For pages with a lot of colors, this plugin is great. Furthermore, the plugin compresses the avatar created using TinyPNG.

Letter Avatars

letter avatars

Letters Avatar is comparable to WP First Letter Avatar, which we already discussed. This plugin, like other avatar plugins, will work without Gravatar. Besides, you can change your avatar in any way you like using this plugin. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting the letter type, color scheme, and font size. Especially, you can not only change the color of your avatar’s backdrop, but you can also make it look as fashionable as possible.

Wrap up

So, which plugin do you think you will install on your site? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. Again, please let us know if we missed any other amazing WordPress custom avatar plugins in the comments section.

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