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Do you want to locate a method to secure your content or any other items coming from various regions or locations throughout the world? A list of 6 Great WordPress Block Country Plugin In 2021 will assist you in accomplishing this task fast and easily. Let’s explore and enjoy it right now!

The importance of using WordPress Block Country Plugin

We are all aware that the internet may be a potentially hazardous environment. We frequently hear about hacking, identity theft, and viruses, so if you have a website, you should do all possible to keep it safe. By utilizing one of these WordPress plugins for blocking countries, you can add an extra degree of security to your WordPress site. Many of these plugins allow you to be very picky about who gets access to your site and who doesn’t. By selecting who can and cannot access your website, you can protect not only the content but also the site itself.

Top 6 Great WordPress Block Country Plugins



The first plugin we would like to recommend to you is IP2Location. To block specific visitors from accessing your site via countries or proxy servers, this plugin takes the top spot. Besides, you can use the IP2Location Country Blocker plugin to prevent access from a variety of countries and anonymous proxies. Reduced spam and undesired sign-ups are now easier than ever thanks to this plugin.

WordFence-Firewall and Security Scanner Plugin

Wordfence-Firewall And Security Scanner Plugin

WordFence is no longer an unusual term for blocking nation IP addresses, with over 4 million installations. It is one of the most often used firewalls and security scanners for WordPress. This plugin assists in the detection and blocking of malicious communications as well as requests containing hazardous code. Not only does this plugin protect content from other nations, but it also has security measures. It can guard against viruses, backdoors, brute-force assaults, and spam on your website.

IQ Block Country

Iq Block Country

IQ Block Country is a feature-rich WordPress block country plugin that restricts access to your website. You can use this plugin to ban visitors based on their country of origin or IP addresses. The GeoLite database can be downloaded from Maxmind using the IQ Block Country plugin. It’s a corporation that identifies online fraud and gives IP address location data. Maxmind’s database is 95 % accurate, so you can easily utilize it to ban access from specific countries.

Proxy & VPN Blocker

Proxy And Vpn Blocker

Proxy & VPN Blocker is a WordPress plugin for square nations that lets you restrict access to your WordPress Login and Registration pages by blocking proxies, ASNs, and specific countries. It also makes it impossible for them to leave comments on your web pages or blog entries. Because many spammers use proxies to mask their genuine identities, this will also help to combat spam. Furthermore, Proxy & VPN Blocker has expanded well beyond proxycheck.io’s fundamental API functionality.

GeoTargeting Lite – WordPress Geolocation

Geotargeting Lite – Wordpress Geolocation

Geo-targeting light is a free WordPress plugin that lets you deliver content based on a user’s geographic location. That means you can use a simple shortcode to specify which countries are allowed to read the content. If you use famous firewall services like Cloudflare, Reblaze, Sucuri, Ezoic, Akamai, or Colorways, the plugin will auto-detect legitimate IP from users. Furthermore, this plugin allows users to filter material for visitors depending on their IP address. This plugin is great for displaying crucial material or redirecting customers to the appropriate sites, so you can target the right audience with the right goods and services.

Country Blocker

Country Blocker

This Country Blocker protects your WordPress site against traffic coming from any country (you don’t have to choose). You can without a doubt use this module to protect your site from any harmful items that visitors may wish to harm. This plugin comes with a lot of outstanding features such as concealing your WordPress site from traffic and shielding your site from any country that you don’t pick. Give it a look!


To sum up, there are presently 6 WordPress Block Country Plugins that may be used to restrict access to specific countries. Pick one of your favorite plugins and start improving the security of your website right away. We hope you enjoy our site and don’t forget to let others know what you think. F

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