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Are you seeking a WordPress Event Management Plugin? You have arrived to the right location! This plugin is commonly used to display a list of events, allow users to register for events, and display an event calendar, among other things. After researching many different plugins, we identified a collection of 9 WordPress Event Management Plugins in 2021 that are the finest at what they do.

What are the benefits of the WordPress Event Management Plugin?

By using the WordPress Event Management plugin, you can have the ability to display event dates on your website. Besides, you can quickly display event or booking details, photos, payment options, and maps using these plugins. Furthermore, you can easily incorporate these calendars into your widgets. You may effortlessly manage small to major events such as concerts, parties, conferences, workshops, and more with calendar plugins. Let’s explore and install it!

Top 9 WordPress Event Management Plugins

Events Manager

Events Manager

The Events Manager plugin has a great free version, but you can subscribe to Events Manager Pro if you want more features. This is a fully-featured WordPress event in the executive’s module, complete with everything you need for a detailed event introduction. Its free version provides you with the majority of the highlights you require without costing you any money. It also allows guests to easily register for the event, book their seats, and search for events using event classifications.

WP Event Manager

Wp Event Manager

WP Event Manager is a lightweight WordPress event management plugin that is simple to use. This is ideal for individuals who want their websites to load quickly and take up less space. WP Event Manager, like many of the other event plugins on this list, offers a free core plugin as well as the ability to purchase add-ons to expand your business. The free plugin’s feature list is extremely remarkable, despite its sleek and simple UI.

Event Organiser

Event Organiser

For the WordPress environment, Event Organiser provides an appropriate event management solution. To keep the WordPress post format, you must first install this plugin and then select the appropriate custom post type. Along with the basic capabilities, this event management plugin comes with a number of premium add-ons to purchase. One of them is Event Organiser Pro, which has a configurable booking form, a comprehensive management area, customizable mailings, and a variety of payment channels.

All-in-One Event Calendar

All-In-One Event Calendar

If you’re seeking a WordPress events plugin to assist you to manage your events, the All-in-One Event Calendar plugin may be the answer. It comes with a good amount of features straight out of the box, like recurring events, filters, and Google Maps integration, all of which are available for free. It also has a pleasing visual structure and highlights that are exceedingly simple to comprehend. As a result, this aids in the creation of the best possible site schedule framework.

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar

This plugin has a lot of features that will help you create a professional calendar on your website. The plugin’s entire purpose is to get you up and operating in minutes. It provides a tool for quickly creating events for groups that want their events included on a website but don’t have a lot of time. You may also bookmark locations and organizers for later use and display several calendar styles for a more streamlined user interface.

My Calendar

My Calendar

With the My Calendar plugin, your events get displayed on multiple websites through WordPress multisite or on however many pages you’d like. This is a basic calendar plugin with little in the way of event management. You can, however, upgrade by using some of the paid extensions and free plugins. Hence, how about we find and use it impeccably.



Eventer is a powerful event management plugin with a lot of options. You can expect every feature you could ever want with a high-quality design for each aspect as a premium solution. Besides, this plugin is ideal for keeping track of the events you post on your site. There are a variety of event views and list pages, as well as calendars and event countdown timers. On the ground of this, visitors can also register for your site and post their own events, making Eventer a comprehensive community website.

WP Eventin by Themewinter

Wp Eventin By Themewinter

WPEventin by Themewinter is one of the top WordPress event management plugins on the market. It’s WooCommerce, Elementor, Elementskit, and Metform compatible, making it the ideal event management plugin for any occasion. Besides, you have complete control over the event’s details, registration forms, and communication. Additionally, this module allows you to construct speaker profile pages, which are ideal for highlighting key individuals at conferences.

Modern Events Calendar By Webnus

Modern Events Calendar By Webnus

Modern Events Calendar by Webnus is a WordPress event management plugin that does exactly what it says on the name. It features an event management layout that is both high-quality and professional-looking. It’s an excellent WordPress plugin for branding your events because it comes with a range of designs to choose from. What’s more, it also allows you to import events from a variety of alternative event management plugins if you are unsatisfied with the plugin you are using.

Event Manager for WooCommerce

Event Manager For Woocommerce

The last excellent WordPress event management plugin is WooCommerce Event Manager. If you’re building a site with WooCommerce, this plugin is ideal. To allow your visitors to pay for tickets, you can utilize WooCommerce payment gateways. It also allows you to market individual products and events. Thanks to their interoperability with basic WordPress themes, you can make design flexible. Last but not least, this plugin also comes with a number of add-ons to help you improve your event management experience.


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