Anyone who has ever written a large paper or book knows how important citations and footnotes are. WordPress makes sharing your work with the rest of the world a breeze. These plugins allow you to easily insert footnotes throughout your posts. In today’s collection, we will bring you a Collection of 10 Nice WordPress Footnotes Plugin in 2021 that helps you to clarify the text on your website page, and much more.

The benefit of using WordPress Footnotes Plugin

The WordPress Footnotes Plugin is a terrific way for business professionals or WordPress users to add footnotes to their site quickly and efficiently. Using this plugin to add such information to your blog might be a very quick and easy way to do so without cluttering your content. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic WordPress Footnotes plugins. You may add references, footnotes, and duplicate quotes to your blogs with these plugins.

Top 10 WordPress Footnotes Plugins



Firstly, Footnotes is a one-stop-shop for adding automatic references to various WordPress pages and articles. The plugin includes fully adjustable shortcodes and CSS, as well as the ability to determine where footnotes should be placed. Furthermore, this plugin includes automatic footnote numbering, a hover box with clickable links, and a variety of icons to display next to distinct footnotes, among other features.

CM Footnotes

cm footnotes

Secondly, the CreativeMinds footnotes plugin is a fully customizable plugin that allows you to add any form of helpful text to your website. Endnotes, footnotes, citations, bibliographical notes, photographs, and other media are all supported by the plugin. This plugin enables users to add footnotes to any WordPress page or post and fully customize them. Furthermore, this plugin is perfect for users who wish to fully personalize their footnotes and include media on their pages.

Easy Footnotes

easy footnotes

The easiest approach to add footnotes to a WordPress site is to use the Easy Footnotes plugin. By using this plugin, users can access the content of a footnote by just clicking on it rather than scrolling to the bottom of the page. When a user adds a shortcode, a footnote will show at the bottom of the page. Each footnote contains an icon that, when clicked, takes the user directly to the word in the text.

Inline Footnotes

This plugin is a terrific method to add footnotes to your WordPress site quickly and easily. Footnotes are added to posts and pages using a shortcode. The plugin allows users to see footnotes in the text rather than having to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the content. Users can see the content on the page by clicking on the number next to the word.

Better Footnotes

better footnotes

Better Footnotes is a powerful and versatile layout that gives readers of your post a quick reference and links to additional information. Using the visual manager or WordPress shortcodes, you can easily and effectively insert commentary articles. This module also has the advantages of being simple to use, customizable, and compatible with any WordPress theme.

Modern Footnote

modern footnote

Another excellent and ground-breaking WordPress Footnotes Plugin we need to mention in this list is Modern Footnote. This module, like cell phones, is advanced for the workplace. Using the commentary icon in the WordPress editorial manager, you can include a reference in your post. A grouping number will be assigned to each commentary. Following that, you can easily redo the reference and grouping number styles.

Footnotes Made Easy

footnotes made easy

It isn’t always the case that the most popular option is the best option. After utilizing Footnotes Made Easy, you will reconsider your position. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been widely utilized, the plugin has received a five-star rating from all of the people who have tried it. This plugin allows you to add footnotes to your posts and pages in a simple but effective way. This plugin has a number of features, including footnote insertion through double parentheses, a solution for paginated posts, and the ability to combine identical notes, among others.

Advanced Footnotes

Advanced Footnotes is the next plugin we recommend for your website. This plugin allows you to add footnotes to your articles using shortcodes. Furthermore, this plugin can be used with any theme because it is so versatile. What’s more, you can use its internal capabilities to customize Advanced Footnotes to fit your own theme. Give it a look!

Simple Footnotes

simple footnotes

If you are looking for a way to create simple, attractive footnotes on your site, the Simple Footnotes plugin is one of the greatest options for you. The plugin will take care of the rest if you utilize the shortcode. Besides, this handy plugin makes adding footnotes a cinch, with no new skills required on the part of the site’s editors. If your posts are paginated, you can move your footnotes below your page joins.

Civil Footnotes

civil footnotes

Finally, Civil Footnotes is a WordPress plugin for adding footnotes to your own blog. This plugin parses your articles for information wrapped in dual parentheses, then extracts that parenthesized text into a footnote checklist at the end, to put it plainly. Besides, this module stands out among the many solutions for managing footnotes on your WordPress site because it uses a simple, legible plain text syntax that works with the WordPress block editor, Markdown editor, and the basic editor plugin.

Wrap up

To summarise, we have just recommended for you the Collection of 10 Nice WordPress Footnotes Plugins in 2021 for adding footnotes to content and allowing readers to reference information in a logical way. Leave a comment below and contact us if you need any help!

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