Using the WordPress GitHub Plugin is one of the most effective ways to see the changes you make to your Git repository on your WordPress site. As a result, in today’s article, we’ll show you a Collection of 8 WordPress GitHub Plugin in 2021. Let’s install and enjoy it!

What can the WordPress GitHub Plugin do?

Honestly, the WordPress GitHub Plugin brings you many useful benefits. Firstly, this plugin assists you in updating all new modifications to the Git repository, after which it will automatically update your plugins and themes without the need for an FTP connection. Secondly, it keeps you up to date on your WordPress plugins and themes whenever new versions are released. Finally, there is a slew of amazing features awaiting your arrival. Let’s start!

Top 8 Wonderful WordPress GitHub Plugin

Github Embed

github embed

The first plugin that we should mention in our collection is GitHub Embed. This is an excellent way to include subtleties with just a few snaps. Despite the fact that this plugin has a basic and lightweight interface, it has a lot of useful functionality. Furthermore, this plugin allows you to integrate details from this plugin by simply entering the URL into any other embed source. What’s more, it provides you with fundamental styling so that you can style according to your needs.

Embed Block for GitHub

embed block for github

If you’re seeking a plugin that allows you to embed Github repositories in your website, you’ve come to the correct place. By using Embed Block, you can add a GitHub Repository embed block to the Block Editor and then provide a card with repository information. Furthermore, because it only takes a few minutes to set up, it is exceedingly simple to use and install. Plus, the block includes some basic CSS styles, but you can easily change them with a little CSS.

Gist GitHub Shortcode

gist github shortcode

Another great option for the highly interactive plugin is Gist GitHub Shortcode. Because of its simple interface, this plugin attracts a large number of people all around the world. It is mainly because you can use it without the need for professional coding. You can freely include GitHub Gists in your posts using shortcodes thanks to this plugin. Download and enjoy right now!

GitHub Release Downloads

github release downloads

Github Release Downloads is regarded as an excellent tool for obtaining the download tally, connections, and other information for GitHub vault arrivals. The most important feature of this module is that it allows you to receive the download tally, interface, and other data for GitHub vault arrivals. It means you will get the total amount of downloads for a single GitHub repository. In addition, if you need to hide information about the download check, this module can help you with that as well.

Github Ribbon

github ribbon

This is another fantastic addon that allows you to add “Fork me on Github” strips to any WordPress circumstance. It also allows you to customize the lace or apply other CSS styles to it, depending on your preferences. Furthermore, you can also choose the situation in which the strip will show. Lastly, there are also 6 additional tones available for you to choose from.

WP Github Commits

wp github commits

If you need to display the most recent submission of a GitHub repo in the sidebar, you shouldn’t overlook this module. This perfect device provides a sidebar gadget that you can easily customize to show submissions from a GitHub repository in the sidebar. You can also use the below layout capability to show the submissions of a GitHub repo in any space in the subject. Give it a look!

WP Githuber MD

wp githuber md

WP GitHuber MD is very possibly one of the best Plugins because it contains all of the highlights. It also includes a slew of great features like Markdown editorial manager, live-see, picture glue, HTML-to-Markdown assistant, and the list goes on. Also, this ideal apparatus will assist you in detecting your Markdown content and deciding what contents will be piled in order to avoid stacking unnecessary contents.

Git it Write

git it write

Lastly, this fantastic module enables you to distribute markdown records from a Github repository to your WordPress site. By implementing this module, you can ensure that your WordPress post doesn’t miss any updates since once new records are posted to the archive, your post will be updated immediately. It also allows you to collaborate on the article, share changes, and contribute ideas on Github.

Wrap up

Despite its flaws, each plugin will assist you in efficiently dealing with your issues. Furthermore, please don’t hesitate to share your difficulties or fantastic experiences with us; we will be happy to assist you at any moment. Furthermore, we have a large selection of stunning themes at our Free WordPress Themes, so go check them out and give them a try right now!

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