In today’s article, we’ll show you the List of 7 Must-have WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugins in 2021, which is a required plugin for creating flexible menus in Gutenberg. Let’s start!

Why should you use WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin?

There are a number of reasons why using the WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin is so important for your website. Initially, this plugin allows you to build up your content-rich menus at ease, without any coding or technical requirement. Secondly, you also effortlessly customize menus content and style in your own way. As a consequence, your content will become more visually appealing, allowing you to appeal to a larger number of potential clients and expand your business effectively.

Top WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin

Menu In Post

wordpress gutenberg menu block plugin

The first incredible WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin in our collection is Menu In Post. You may use Menu In Post to create shortcodes that display menus in your posts and pages as hyperlinked lists of dropdowns. Menus make it easy for you to manage through the WordPress user interface (UI) than a list of links. You can edit a menu in one location (Appearance > Menus), and it will be updated everywhere a Menu In Post shortcode has been placed for it. Take a look!

Food Menu

wordpress gutenberg menu block plugin

Food Menu is a fantastic WordPress restaurant menu plugin that can be used in themes, pages, posts, and widgets. The WooCommerce food ordering plugin is solely composed of HTML5 and CSS3. Besides, you can display all food products, specific categories, or multiple categories at once with this plugin. Additionally, you also get multiple layouts for your menu elements that help you to design custom menus. Last but not least, you can choose to showcase your menus category-wise with a variety of layout possibilities.

Responsive Sliding Menu

responsive sliding menu

Thanks to the assistant of the Responsive Sliding Menu, you may easily create a shortcode to incorporate into your website via a page builder (Elementor, Oxygen, Divi, Gutenberg…) or via PHP. Especially, you also change the colors, text sizes, and even the icon of the burger menu (responsive) to fit your own design effectively. Lastly, Elementor Widget RSM Menu can also be used to show (or hide) your Responsive Sliding Menu. Give it a look!

WordPress Mega Menu Block

wordpress mega menu block

The following plugin we’d like to mention in this article is WordPress Mega Menu Block. With this plugin, you may create custom site navigation menus in Gutenberg without any problem. You can customize your mega menu by using free Gutenberg blocks like Mega menu block, Mega menu item block, Plain menu block, and Plain menu item block. Thanks to the flexible mega menu item block, it allows you to complete control over the design and feel of your menus. Don’t hesitate!

Groovy Menu Plugin

groovy menu plugin

Groovy Menu is a responsive and free WordPress Mega Menu plugin that makes it simple to create a great menu for your site and compatible with Gutenberg. Besides, you can create a menu and improve your site navigation in a few simple steps by utilizing this WordPress theme. Furthermore, this plugin gives you the ability to construct a variety of menus, including Mega Menus, Vertical Menus, and more. Plus, you may also easily customize it by uploading your logo and changing the colors, fonts, and sizes to suit your needs.

Restaurant Menu by MotoPress

restaurant menu by motopress

Another wonderful WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin I’d recommend is MotoPress Restaurant Menu. MotoPress Restaurant Menu is a full-featured WordPress food ordering system that integrates smoothly with your restaurant or cafe’s website. It’s a simple-to-use WordPress food menu plugin that lets you create a classified database of menu items with varying pricing and provide a simple and quick ordering experience for your customers. Especially, this plugin allows you to display your menus in posts, pages, and sidebars (or widget zones), making it simple to integrate the plugin into any WordPress theme.



The final outstanding WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin that is noteworthy to mention is myStickymenu. This plugin allows you to create not only a visually appealing notification bar but also a sticky menu at the top of the page without making any changes. This lightweight plugin will make it simple for your visitors to navigate and reach the navigation menu without any effort. In light of that, you may improve the user experience and effectively maintain traffic.


To wrap up, we hope that the List of 7 Must-have WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin in 2021 is useful for both you and your site. In case you have any problems, please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

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