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Are you looking for the finest image compression plugin for WordPress for your website? Image compression plugins make it simple to optimize photos in WordPress for improved speed and efficiency. In this article, we compared the Collection of 10 Useful WordPress Image Compression Plugin In 2021. Let’s explore!

Why should we use WordPress Image Compression Plugin?

If your images aren’t optimized, they can cause your site to load slowly. You can use an image compression plugin to optimize your photos and make your site load faster. When you have a gallery site or even a basic blog page, compressing and optimizing your photos is a great approach to improve the speed of your site. And, like the sun rising in the morning, if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that a faster site speed has a lot of SEO benefits. One of them is a lower bounce rate and more visits.

Top 10 Nice WordPress Image Compression Plugins

Optimus – WordPress Image Optimizer

Optimus – Wordpress Image Optimizer



The first plugin we would like to recommend to you is Optimus. This is a well-known CDN provider for website owners and developers. This plugin can assist you to boost the speed of your website as well as the size of a photo you’ve uploaded. You can reduce the size of image files by up to 70% without affecting image quality. Your thumbnails and images will also be optimized within the article. This plugin appears to be an excellent option that is well worth the investment. You’ll get a number of perks, like free compression of all your photos to under 100 KB.



Another popular WordPress image compressing plugin is ShortPixel. It links you to the ShortPixel API once installed, allowing you to compress and optimize your photos right from your WordPress dashboard. Lossless and lossy compression techniques are supported, just like with the previous WordPress image compression plugins.



Then there’s Optimole, which is an all-in-one, fully automatic solution for all of your WordPress image optimization needs. When it comes to image compression, Optimole gives you the option of using a lossless or lossy technique. The plugin, on the other hand, offers powerful capabilities like lazy loading, access to an AWS Cloudfront CDN to quickly serve your photos to a global audience, and much more to meet your image optimization needs.



Another popular image reduction and optimization plugin for WordPress is Imagify. It will begin automatically improving your images and thumbnails once installed, using its powerful image compression algorithms. With Imgify, you have three levels of picture compression to choose from, giving you the ability to balance image quality and image size. Before compressing your photographs, the plugin makes a backup of them. As a result, you can always go back to the original and try a different compression algorithm if you don’t like the results.

WP Compress

Wp Compress

And now we have WP Compress, the next WordPress image compression plugin on our list. It allows you a lot of versatility when it comes to image optimization and includes all of the essential features. To begin, you have the choice of selecting one of three image compression levels: Lossless, Intelligent, or Ultra. This provides you with a lot of leeways when it comes to achieving the ideal balance of image quality and image size. You can also compress the photographs manually, one at a time or in bulk.



With over 1 million active installs, Smush is by far one of the most popular WordPress image compression plugins on the market. It will automatically scan every image you upload to your website and remove any extraneous data, resulting in a smaller file size. This plugin includes a bulk image compressor that will help you optimize all of your media library images. It can also assist you in locating larger image files that are slowing down your loading times. Not only that, but it also supports image lazy loading, which speeds up your site even more.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Ewww Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer is a simple and uncomplicated image compression plugin that optimizes your images automatically to save you storage space and bandwidth. It supports both lossless and lossy compressions, just like the other plugins on the list. In addition, all of the original photographs are kept in an external cloud backup for 30 days. If you don’t like the compressed form of the image, you can restore it to its original state.



It’s another excellent WordPress image compressing plugin option. It allows you to optimize photographs automatically upon upload and offers a bulk optimization option for older images. An easy-to-use slider gives you complete control over image quality and compression. The disadvantage is that it lacks variable compression levels. It also restricts optimization to files that are less than 5MB in size. If you need to add a full-size image, you can exclude particular photos from compression.

Compress JPEG & PNG images

Compress Jpeg Png Images

The last plugin in our collection is Compress JPEG & PNG. By using this, you’ll need to register an account to use it. With a free account, you can only optimize 500 pictures per month. It can compress images automatically when they’re uploaded, and it can also bulk-optimize older photographs. You can specify the picture sizes you want to optimize using the plugin’s options. You can also specify a maximum upload size for your originals. The plugin will automatically resize images that are larger than that size.

Wrap up

This was our list of the top image compression plugins for WordPress. We hope you found this article helpful in your search for the best image compression plugin for your needs. So, which image compression plugin will you select? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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