There’s a lot to a business owner, you must spend a substantial amount of time managing and displaying manual invoices to your customers. Aside from that, your bills may fluctuate from time to time, which isn’t very professional. These issues may stifle your company’s growth. As a result, we have compiled the top WordPress Invoice Plugin in 2021 to assist you in resolving these issues.

What can WordPress Invoice Plugin do for your website?

Many businesses depend on a solid invoicing system to stay afloat. This plugin enables you to send invoices from your WordPress site. To begin with, invoicing plugins allow you to manage and control everything on your WordPress website from your dashboard. Another reason to think about using WordPress invoice plugins is the cost-benefit analysis. You’ll save money in the long run because the majority of these plugins have a yearly charge that’s comparable to the higher-tiered monthly fee.

Top WordPress Invoice Plugin



WP-Invoice is a free invoicing plugin for WordPress. It’s ideal for digital agencies, general contractors, web developers, and any other company that has to send invoices to clients. You may produce the invoice right from your WordPress dashboard. Your customer will receive an email with a link to pay the invoice after it has been generated, and they can easily follow the link to make payments. The email notification can also be entirely customized. WP-Invoice has several limitations in terms of functionality, yet it can be a simple option for many small enterprises.

Sliced Invoices

sliced invoices

Sliced Invoices is a WordPress invoicing plugin for professionals. It comes with a variety of pre-built templates and graphics for swiftly creating invoices. You may also make bespoke invoices with your logo and text to send quotes to customers directly. It includes a reporting system that allows you to keep track of all of your invoices and quotes in one spot. What’s more, this plugin is translation-ready, allowing you to send invoices in the language of your customers.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices

woocommerce pdf invoices

This is a WooCommerce addon that automatically attaches a PDF invoice to every order confirmation email. It comes with a ready-to-use PDF invoice template, and you can also develop your own custom invoice templates. It keeps track of invoice sequence numbers so you can keep track of all payments. Customers can download invoices from your eCommerce website’s account page. You can also use the plugin to link a printer to print invoices as soon as consumers confirm their orders.



WPForms makes it simple to create an online order form with the option of sending an invoice to the buyer automatically. You and your customers will both receive an email notification as soon as the payment is completed. To collect payments, WPForms connects with PayPal and Stripe. This eliminates the need for a shopping cart plugin or eCommerce software to take credit card payments.

Littlebot Invoices

littlebot invoices

Littlebot Invoices is a relatively new WordPress invoicing solution. This plugin attempts to streamline your company’s payment procedures by instantly creating correct invoices without requiring clients to leave your site or use third-party plugins. It has a great workflow, easy client administration, and Stripe payment, among other things.


Sprout Invoices

sprout invoices

Sprout Invoices is a full-featured WordPress invoicing plugin. It can automatically calculate the cost of your services and generate detailed invoices for customers. For payments, invoice designs, processes, and more, the plugin interfaces with over 300 apps. It offers a robust payment schedule system that allows you to define parameters for clients such as payment amount, due date, and late fees, among other things.

WP GetPaid (Previously WP Invoicing)

wp getpaid (previously wp invoicing)

For those searching for a basic and lightweight invoicing solution, this is a wonderful option. It has almost 3,000 active installations with an average rating of four stars. This plugin will allow you to manage your taxes in your invoices automatically. This saves you and your clients time by automating the procedure. Although the base plugin is free, you must pay for the individual extensions you require, or you may opt for a bundle membership plan, which offers the most value for money.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices Italian Add-on

woocommerce pdf invoices italian add-on

The last plugin we propose is WooCommerce PDF Invoices Italian Add-on. It, like other plugins, allows you to automatically number invoices and print or send them in PDF format. Additionally, because WooCommerce orders collect all important data automatically, they can be exported to any external management system. Furthermore, the tax code or VAT number is input on the checkout page.

Wrap up

Have you got any experience with any of the above-mentioned plugins? Perhaps you know about any more dependable options, please feel free to share your story with us in the comments section below.

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