Are you seeking for a WordPress plugin to keep track of your site’s activity? If numerous users login to your website, keeping an activity log allows you to keep track of all user activities. In this article, we’ll show you a Collection of 10 Nice WordPress Logs Plugin in 2021. Let’s discover right now!

Why do you need a WordPress Logs Plugin?

Using WordPress to keep an activity log allows you to track and monitor user actions on your site. Furthermore, these plugins can aid in the detection of questionable behaviors such as false user accounts, spam, and DDoS assaults. Now that we have learned about the advantages of using an activity log plugin on your website, let’s have a look at the best options currently available.

Top 10 Awesome WordPress Logs Plugin

WP Activity Log

wp activity log

The first plugin we would like to recommend is WP Activity Log. This plugin is a dedicated logging plugin that was previously known as WP Security Audit Log. It allows to track users, logs changes, can track changes to other plugins like WooCommerce as well as provides an audit trail of everything that happens on your website. With over a million users, this is a well-acclaimed WordPress activity log plugin that is well worth trying.

Simple History

simple history

Simple History is a free activity log plugin for WordPress that can be found in the WordPress repository. It’s a robust logging tool that keeps track of content updates, comments, widgets, users, user profiles, unsuccessful logins, menu changes, and a variety of other things. It doesn’t have the same level of monitoring as WP Activity Log, but it does a fantastic job!

Activity Log

activity log

Another decent logging plugin option is Activity Log. It allows you to monitor the status of your site directly from your WordPress dashboard. It’s also quite straightforward to set up and use right out of the box. From posts to pages to custom post types to comments, users, plugins, and shop options, you can keep track of it all. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to save activity records as a CSV file to your PC.



If your website has a lot of visitors, this plugin is suitable for you. It allows you to keep track of all logged users and analyze their activity and behavior on your site. More importantly, it allows you to monitor your website and users, as well as determine whether any changes have been done. Furthermore, this plugin sends you detailed notifications about the same, allowing you to keep track of happenings in real-time. It also sends out emails to let you know if any changes to your website have been spotted.

User Activity Log

user activity log

This is a free and premium WordPress activity log plugin with a user-friendly interface. It can monitor users, passwords, system changes, content changes, plugins, and just about everything else that happens on a website. Furthermore, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Advance Custom Field, bbPress, Yoast SEO, and a slew of additional plugins are all supported in this version.

Error Log Monitor

error log monitor

Heading onto the next on the list, we’ve Error Log Monitor. It’s a free plugin that monitors PHP error logs instead of users or activity. This plugin can help you debug any PHP errors that occur if you have PHP issues or make regular modifications to your website’s back end. It’s simple to set up and configure, and it can give you notifications if you need them.

User Activity Tracking and Log

user activity tracking and log

With this highly effective, easy-to-use, and well-supported plugin, you can easily track IP addresses, utilize search and filters, locate logs by location, and view logs in JSON format via the Rest API. Because the plugin doesn’t store cookies on users’ machines, so you don’t need to opt-in the cookies. Besides, the plugin complies with GDPR and CCPA regulations, and log files can be kept for up to four years if necessary.

Website File Changes Monitor

website file changes monitor

It’s a full-featured log tool that can track code modifications, user file activity, and changes to the WordPress core. The plugin may send you email alerts, log hack attempts and malicious code changes, and assess WordPress’ integrity. This is more of a security plugin to help protect against hackers and viruses than a user audit tool, although it does an excellent job.


wp mail smtp

WP Mail SMTP is a powerful plugin that improves the deliverability of WordPress emails significantly. It was developed in response to the all-too-common problem of WordPress emails going missing or ending up in spam folders. If you’re afraid about missing something or if your emails aren’t going out correctly, this could give you some peace of mind. It can also be used to fine-tune your website’s email alerts and keep track of the number of emails sent out.

WP Activity Log for WPForms

wp activity log for wpforms

Finally, this plugin is quite useful, as it allows you to track all user activity, as the name implies. It also lets you know if any modifications have been made to your website, as well as who has seen your page. It also provides you notifications whenever modifications are made to your website and assist you in keeping track of all events that occur on it.

Wrap up

To be honest, each plugin has its own set of benefits and drawbacks if you thoroughly study and evaluate them. We believe you will be able to select the most appropriate plugin to assist you in resolving your issues.

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