Are you seeking the finest WordPress migration site plugin to move your website to a new web server in a secure manner? Whether you’re looking for a personal migration plugin or one to utilize on client sites, we have got you covered. In this post, we are going to compare a list of 11 Useful WordPress Migrate Site Plugin in 2021 on the market in this post. To save you time, we’ll start with my top options.

Why should we use WordPress Migrate Site Plugin?

Because the WordPress Migrate Site Plugin is one of the most efficient tools for migrating your database, files, plugins, and theme. Furthermore, this tool can reduce downtime, so don’t forget to check out the following plugin to get the ideal one for your site.

Top 11 Great WordPress Migrate Site Plugins

WordPress Duplicator

wordpress duplicator

Duplicator is our personal favorite migration plugin because it’s simple to use and we have never had any issues with it. On the WordPress repository, this plugin has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating and has been downloaded and installed over 900,000 times. However, some technical knowledge is required to set it up and get it to work effectively.

All-in-One WP Migration

all-in-one wp migration

The All-in-One WP Migration plugin was created with the goal of making it simple to export your WordPress database, media files, plugins, and themes. After you have migrated your site, you can use the find/replace database tool to easily repair broken files and links. Another feature that sets this plugin apart from the competition is that it is mobile-friendly, making it simple to backup and transfer WordPress if necessary.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

updraftplus wordpress backup plugin

UpdraftPlus is a plugin for backing up and restoring WordPress sites. Sites can be restored and backed up to the cloud in a matter of minutes. You’ll need to upgrade to the premium version of the plugin or buy the Updraft Plus Migrator plugin separately to use the migrate and clone capability. On the official WordPress repository, this plugin has over one million active installs and a 4.8 out of 5-star rating.

WP Migrate DB

wp migrate db

WP Migrate DB works by exporting a MySQL data dump of your WordPress database. This plugin is best suited to developers and individuals who are familiar with working in the WordPress backend, as it is more technical and “hands-on” than other migrating plugins. Rather than producing an exact clone of the original site, it’s a wonderful solution for individuals who want more control over migration and backups.

Migrate Guru

migrate guru

Migrate Guru is a newcomer to the market, having debuted in August 2017. Besides, the plugin is available for any sort of WordPress site up to 200GB in size and has no “premium” version or paid add-ons. Once you have entered the information, all you have to do is click the migrate button instead of going through the time-consuming export and import processes.

WP Clone by WP Academy

wp clone by wp academy

WP Clone is a useful migration plugin that has one significant advantage: you don’t have to mess with your FTP application to complete your migration. Instead, simply build a new WordPress installation in the area where you wish to clone your WordPress site. Then simply install this plugin on your new installation, and it will take care of the migration for you.



Backup Guard is a plugin from iThemes that is the most comprehensive WordPress backup plugin. This plugin allows you to make and download a backup copy of your website. Additionally, this provides the simplest method for restoring, migrating, and backing up WordPress websites. Plus, you can have the ability to restore WordPress files, databases without any trouble.



WPBackItUp was initially released back in 2012. Since then, the plugin can translate into six languages, making it easier for non-native WordPress users to transfer their sites. This plugin is very simple to use. All you have to do is make a website zip archive and migrate it with a single click.



JetPack is a large WordPress plugin package that also includes a robust backup mechanism. Previously, this functionality was known as VaultPress and was sold as a separate product. It’s now part of JetPack Backups. It makes it simple to restore WordPress backups and transfer your site to new servers.

Bluehost Migrator

bluehost migrator

If you’re migrating your WordPress site to Bluehost, this plugin is for you. Bluehost creates this plugin that assists users in migrating their websites to their hosting servers. One of the greatest WordPress hosting companies is Bluehost. What’s more, they are also a WordPress hosting company that comes highly rated.

SiteGround Migrator

siteground migrator

Finally, this plugin is for you if you’re transferring your WordPress site to SiteGround. In fact, SiteGroundcbuid this module to assist users in migrating their websites to their hosting servers. One of the greatest WordPress hosting businesses is this plugin. They are also a WordPress hosting company that comes highly rated.


While there are various WordPress migration options to select from, we recommend that you weigh the benefits and drawbacks carefully. Some WordPress relocating plugins aren’t as effective as others. Some plugins are difficult to use, while others have the potential to fail. We hope this article will be beneficial for you.

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