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Do you want to create online courses with the top WordPress LMS plugins? Plugins for WordPress for online school websites, perhaps? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. In this article, we will show you List of 9 Useful WordPress Online Course Plugin In 2021 for your site. As a result, you will be able to easily convert your WordPress website into an online learning platform. Let’s explore!

Why should we use WordPress Online Course Plugin?

To put it simply, Learning Management System (LMS) plugins allow you to build online courses using WordPress without having to know how to code. Furthermore, you have greater control over your course content because it is now possible to organize and sell them directly from your dashboard.

Top 9 Must-have WordPress Online Course Plugins



The first plugin we would like to introduce to you is Masteriyo. This is a one-stop shop for developing and selling online courses directly from your WordPress website. It has an easy-to-use course builder that allows you to quickly construct courses and add sections, lessons, and quizzes. Even better, it includes a built-in order system that includes a cart and checkout. This means you won’t have to rely on eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce to sell courses and receive payments. Furthermore, this module currently accepts offline payments and the PayPal payment channel.



Next, LearnPress is one of the most popular free WordPress plugins for online schools. This plugin makes it simple to develop, manage, and sell online courses. LearnPress is a free LMS that has various powerful and premium-like features. You may also improve your LMS website even more with its premium add-ons. Furhthermore, this plugin is multisite compatible, which means you may use it on various sites and networks with a single WordPress installation. Last but not least, this LMS plugin is built in such a way that it seamlessly integrates with any WordPress theme to instantly create a stunning learning website.



If you’re looking for creative LMS solutions to produce engaging courses for your learning website, LifterLMS is a terrific alternative for you. It’s a multi-tier drag-and-drop course builder that makes it simple to create excellent courses. Furthermore, this plugin makes it simple to create interactive quizzes to stimulate learning and assess class mastery. In addition, the quiz timer ensures that your students complete specified courses within a set amount of time.

Namaste! LMS

Namaste! Lms

Heading onto the next on the list, we’ve Namaste! LMS. This is one of the greatest free WordPress LMS plugins. This plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of courses and lessons, manage students, provide notes, and much more. With this plugin, you can also specify different rules for course and class access. Furthermore, the plugin’s grade and point system allows your pupils to keep track of their progress. In general, Namaste! LMS is a little plugin that lets you create a simple learning website.



Sensei is an excellent choice for budget-conscious novices who wish to create a professional eLearning website for free. It’s a robust WordPress LMS plugin created by Automattic, the same company that created the well-known WooCommerce plugin. By using this plugin, you can quickly create courses, lessons, and quizzes. Before you may sell your curriculums, you must first purchase the WooCommerce Paid Courses extension. Lastly, this plugin allows you to earn passive money while also restricting access to your course content to just paying subscribers.

MasterStudy LMS

Masterstudy Lms

This is a powerful WordPress online course plugin that makes it simple to create a professional school or university website. With this plugin, creating complete online courses, gaining complete control over them, and selling your courses online becomes a breeze. Aside from that, this WordPress course progress plugin has features like content dripping, trail courses, assignments, course bundles, group courses, and more. Give it a look!

Tutor LMS

Tutor Lms

Tutor LMS is a relatively new addition to the world of WordPress LMS plugins, yet it has acquired a following of 20,000+ eLearning enthusiasts. Unique features include a frontend course builder, drag-and-drop quiz generator, and ongoing development assistance from Themeum, the parent company. This plugin also has a safe platform with industry-leading content security and coding principles. It offers a growing number of integrations with eCommerce plugins, page builder plugins, and other well-known plugins like as GamiPress, BuddyPress, and others.

Online Learning Courses

Online Learning Courses

Another plugin in the collection that we recommend is Online Learning Courses. You can use this plugin to display specific courses by ID or even missions for courses based on watchwords and language. Furthermore, it allows you to select from a variety of forms and designs. This module allows you to display UdemyTM courses and direct your visitors directly to the course pages. Aside from the basic capabilities of the free version, the pro version gives you access to various powerful extensions, such as affiliate links, masked links, click tracking, and so on.

WP Courses LMS

Wp Courses Lms

The last plugin you shouldn’t miss in our collection is WP Courses LMS. In other words, you will be delighted if you utilize this plugin because it will enable you to build and sell online courses without the need for coding. Now is the moment to start creating educational content using lessons and videos in a simple and straightforward manner. Furthermore, if you wish to provide membership-based courses, you may do it with ease owing to the plugin.


The WordPress LMS plugins discussed above have incredible capabilities that will ensure you have no trouble building a solid eLearning program. We hope that this post has assisted you in locating the ideal WordPress plugin for online schools for your website. If you found this post to be interesting, please share it with your friends.

Last but not least, if you want to refresh the look of your site, go here and look through the Free WordPress Themes to find one you prefer. Thanks for your attention.

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