Using WordPress Preloader Plugin is considered the greatest way to improve user experience and lower your website’s bounce rate. Understanding your requirements, we have compiled a List of 9 WordPress Preloader Plugin in 2021 to assist you in selecting the best one for your website. Let’s start now!

What are the good points of using the WordPress Preloader Plugin?

In fact, the WordPress Preloader plugin is a valuable tool for improving your site’s loading time and user experience. By using this plugin, you have the ability to create eye-catching preloader animation for your website without any coding knowledge. Furthermore, it is completely easy to use and customize with available options. Last but not least, you also make a loading page with a lot of gif icons. There is also a long list of different features that we’ve merely included below.

Top 9 WordPress Preloader Plugin



If you want to install fantastic preloaders and have complete control over how they look, you can rely on LoftLoader. It includes four ending animations, seven loading animation effects, and 2 of them support custom images. By using the plugin, you can easily control the width, looping, and direction of the loader picture. One of the plugin’s most impressive features is the ability to display a close button to end the loading screen, which may last anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds.

WP Smart Preloader

wp smart preloader

When it comes to Website preloaders, WP Smart Preloader is one of the most basic plugins. It’s just a regular CSS spinner with throbbers that provide you with lovely visual feedback as your site loads in the background. This plugin is cross-browser compatible and will work with any modern device. Especially, this plugin is user-friendly and easy to customize. It means you won’t need to know how to code to use this plugin.

Preloader Plus

preloader plus

Preloader Plus is one of the top WordPress Preloader plugins that displays a warm welcome screen and a cool animation website preloader to your visitors. The plugin works seamlessly with the WordPress customizer, allowing you to make changes to the settings while seeing them take effect in real-time. Furthermore, this plugin is compatible with all major browsers and may be used with practically any theme or device. Furthermore, the plugin allows you to customize the preloader picture and preloader image background.

Flat Preloader

flat preloader

If you merely want a smart and easy WordPress preloader plugin, Flat Preloader is another great option.
The plugin is flexible enough to work on any modern device. Because the plugin is lightweight, it will not slow down the loading of your website. Furthermore, this is a simple plugin that doesn’t allow for advanced customization or custom image uploads for the preloader. On the ground of this, this is a preferable option for those who only want to install a basic preloader and don’t want to customize it.

BH Custom Preloader

bh custom preloader

In case, you want to own one of the brilliant jQuery-based custom WordPress preloader plugins, you can count on BH Custom Preloader. This plugin allows you to upload your own custom preloader image. BH Custom Preloader, like Preloader Plus, allows you to personalize the preloader background color, preloader speed, animation speed, and more. This plugin includes 28 preloader images to enhance the appearance of your preloader.

Best Preloader

best preloader

Another powerful plugin we would like to recommend is Best Preloader. This plugin makes it simple and quick to add a preloader to your website. It gives you more control over the preloader and allows you to pick where the preloading page should appear. You can also alter the size of the default preloader image and replace it with whatever you like. Let’s explore!

Preloader by WordPress Monsters

preloader by wordpress monsters

Heading onto the next on the list, we’ve Preloader by WordPress Monsters. This plugin displays a pleasant animated graphic that allows visitors to unwind while waiting for a response from the site. Furthermore, users will not be able to observe the website’s loading process when using this plugin. It also includes a number of attractive preloaders, particularly in the “With background” area. Don’t hesitate!

Custom Preloader

custom preloader

Custom Preloader is a plugin that enhances the appearance of your website. This handy plugin allows you to customize your background and image to your liking. Furthermore, when your website loads, this plugin conceals the top page until your browser fully downloads the content. Last but not least, it features a basic and vibrant background.

Ultimate WordPress Preloader

ultimate wordpress preloader

Lastly, Ultimate WordPress Preloader is a visually appealing WordPress preloader plugin that makes it simple to install an animated preloader on your website. With this fantastic plugin, you will be shocked to see how many distinct preloader styles you can utilize with the many color styling and sizing options. What’s more, it has a robust control panel that enables you to choose from a limitless number of colors, preloader sizes, and other features.

Wrap up

We hope this article has assisted you in finding the best WordPress preloader plugins in the market. We hope you have been able to choose one for your site by now. If you are still unsure, check over each plugin’s key features once more.

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