Questionnaire Plugin are a wonderful method to get vital information from respondents about a specific topic. You can ask a mix of closed-ended and open-ended questions, and invite the respondent to elaborate. In this post, we have covered a Collection of 8 Effective WordPress Questionnaire Plugin in 2021 that may be used to build quizzes, surveys, polls, user forms, assessment tests, and exams, among other things. Let’s discover!

What are the advantages of the WordPress Questionnaire Plugin?

There are many ways you can collect user feedback on your website. You can include a contact form, questionnaire, and ask users to post comments, among other things. In fact, including a survey requires a little more effort. To gain the most user participation, make it engaging, fun, and simple. Besides, a decent questionnaire plugin enhances the appearance of your form and makes it simple to use. That is why you must ensure that you can keep user-submitted data and export it so that you may use it in a spreadsheet or CRM program.

Top 8 WordPress Questionnaire Plugins

Quiz Maker

quiz maker

Firstly, Quiz Maker Plugin is a lightweight WordPress Questionnaire Plugin that can assist you in creating a short quiz in minutes. This quiz plugin allows you to build an unlimited number of quizzes, however only 7 question kinds are available. Furthermore, this module comes with 6 themes to choose from, as well as 40+ style options. Overall, it’s a fantastic WordPress tool for creating amazing basic quizzes.

HD Quiz

hd quiz

If you are serious about fast creating attention-getting quizzes, HD Quiz is the answer. This plugin is a good candidate for making interesting BuzzFeed-style quizzes, questionnaires, and other question-and-answer forms. What’s more, the plugin is simple to use and allows you to create an endless number of quizzes that you can embed on any page or post of your website.

Quiz Cat

quiz cat

Another popular WordPress Quiz Builder that can be used to create fantastic quizzes is Quiz Cat. After utilizing this plugin, you’ll see that it features a user-friendly interface. Because it has its own block that can be inserted using the WordPress editor, the plugin is also Gutenberg compatible. Your quiz will be available to a large audience because it is translation-ready and extremely responsive.

Riddle Quiz Maker

riddle quiz maker

Riddle Quiz Maker is yet another of the top WordPress Questionnaire plugins, distinguishing itself with a variety of features. It has 15 different quizzes, surveys, lists, and polls to choose from. Besides, it has a variety of content types to give you more options. It allows you to browse and add media to any of the quiz kinds in a variety of ways. A leaderboard makes it much easier to keep track of your quiz outcomes.

WordPress Survey & Poll

wordpress survey and poll

WordPress Survey and Poll provide a stunning fixed front-end display with a unique scroll effect. The survey window follows the scroll direction with a smooth motion in most circumstances, while the modal windows are displayed in a fixed place. The reviews are highly customizable, and the RGB color picker can help you design the overview exactly how you want it.

Poll, Survey, Questionnaire and Voting system

WordPress users and designers may easily and quickly write reviews. Our Quiz and Voting Framework Plugin is the best way to build study frameworks for your website. This plugin allows you to insert the questionnaire using a shortcode button on your pages and articles.

Watu Quiz

watu quiz

Watu Quiz allows you to create tests, audits, and tests, and then display the results after the consumer has completed the surveys. For each assessment in the test/test, you can designate assessments and point levels. It also encourages you to respond appropriately near the end of the test or after making a choice.

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is a WordPress plugin that creates surveys, forms, structures, and tests. It’s the simplest way to create anything from opinion polls to feedback surveys. You can manufacture items with little or no preparation and in a variety of upgraded formats.

Wrap up

Summing it up, the WordPress Questionnaire Plugin could be a fantastic way to collect information from your website’s visitors. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to recruit developers. Please leave a remark in the space below if you have any questions about this issue.

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