Are you looking for the best WordPress recipe plugins? Do you have a food-related blog? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. In fact, food blogs and instructional cooking sites are becoming popular on the internet. To have your own recipes effectively, you will need a good WordPress recipe plugin. In this article, we’ll examine the List of 10 WordPress Recipe Plugin In 2021 to help you figure out which one is right for you.

What can WordPress Recipe Plugin do?

There are tons of benefits that the recipe plugins bring to your food blogs. To begin, these plugins make it simple for people to upload delectable recipes to your website. They also provide your website an appealing and sophisticated appearance. Aside from that, because many of them are developed with SEO in mind, they can assist your blog in achieving higher search engine results. On the ground of this, these features improve the functionality of your website and help your content rank higher in search engines, resulting in more traffic.

Top WordPress Recipe Plugin

WP Recipe Marker

wp recipe marker

One of the most amazing recipe plugins you have to try is WP Recipe Maker. This freemium plugin is a popular choice for publishing well-presented recipes on your WordPress blog. This plugin makes it simple to create appealing, SEO-optimized recipes for your blog. As a result, it improves its chances of getting discovered by users of search engines like Google. Furthermore, customized templates provide you a lot of control over the appearance of your recipes.

Blossom Recipe Marker

blossom recipe marker

Another great option for a highly interactive recipe plugin is Blossom Recipe Maker. This plugin allows you to easily write recipes and post them on your blog. It contains features such as advanced search that allow visitors to quickly find their favorite recipes. Additionally, they can change the amount of the servings to suit their needs and do a lot more. Especially, you may use the shortcode to add recipes to either a new single post or an existing one. They have both free and premium themes that work with this plugin. Let’s explore and enjoy it!

Zip Recipes

zip recipes

We’ll move on to the next item on the list, Zip Recipes. It’s a freemium plugin that gives you a lot of options with the template editor. Plus, it comes with a variety of settings, allowing you to generate professional-looking recipes for any device and reach out to a larger audience than ever before. It’s simple to use, so you publish your recipes without any coding requirements.

Cooked – Recipe Plugin

cooked recipe plugin

Cooked is a simple and user-friendly plugin that comes with various premium features. This plugin has a number of features such as Galleries, cooking timings, nutritional statistics, downloadable recipes, a drag-and-drop recipe builder, SEO, and more. These capabilities are absolutely free to use with the Cooked. What’s more, this plugin includes a drag-and-drop recipe builder that will help you develop and present your recipes in a professional manner. This builder will display all of your ingredients, instructions, and any other notes you wish to add to your recipe with ease.

Boo Recipes

boo recipes

If you’re currently uploading recipes to your website but don’t have any tools to help you, give Boo Recipes a try. This plugin is modern and straightforward to use. Even if you don’t have enough coding knowledge, you are still able to build stunning and Google-friendly recipes easily. When it comes to features, this plugin comes with three recipe layouts that allow you control over all aspects of the dish. Furthermore, you have the ability to convert it into whatever language you wish and allow your viewers to share it on social media.

Delicious Recipes

delicious recipes

Another plugin in the list you should not ignore is Delicious Recipes. Aside from the ability to build an unlimited number of recipes, the plugin also has a number of other useful features. It means that your visitors can rate and comment on your recipes without any effort. Moreover, you easily customize nutrition statistics, allowing users to change the servings to match their needs. Another benefit of the WP Delicious plugin is that it is SEO-friendly and includes Schema integration, which will help your recipes rank higher in search results.

Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM

recipe card blocks by wpzoom

Recipe Card Blocks is a recipe plugin for WordPress that is designed to operate with the new WordPress block editor (AKA Gutenberg). With the help of attractive blocks, you can effortlessly create recipe cards in your posts. In addition, you may add recipe descriptions, ingredients, directions, nutrition facts, and more with this plugin. If you want to have a plugin that added a lot of functionalities, you can switch it to its pro plan. Let’s try it!

RecipePress Reloaded

recipepress reloaded

RecipePress Reloaded was created to assist you in creating and managing beautiful and functional recipe lists. This plugin is based on the idea of creating a recipes post type for your WordPress blog. This allows you to publish your recipes as standalone posts or incorporate them into your normal posts or pages. Additionally, you also have the ability to arrange group your ingredients, add serving sizes, prep and cooking times, and nutrition information as needed.

Chicory Recipe Activation

chicory recipe activation

If you have cooking abilities and a recipe collection full of exquisite foods, you may collaborate with Chicory to make your content work even harder for you. This plugin turns your content into an actionable, sales-driving tool that encourages your readers to try more of your recipes. When customers click the “Get Ingredients” button, an online shopping list with corresponding products from a variety of online grocers appears instantly. As a result, consumers may be able to acquire all of the items they need to create a recipe delivered in just a few clicks.

Whisk Recipe

whisk recipe

The last plugin we would like to recommend is Whisk Recipe. This is a useful recipe plugin with a lot of features designed for makers and foodies. Whisk capabilities are included right into the plugin, allowing your visitors to store recipes and create shopping lists directly from your website’s recipe cards. Especially, this plugin is available on Google Play, App Store, Galaxy Store, or Web.

Wrap up

In conclusion, we’ve shown a list of 10 WordPress Recipe Plugin In 2021 that will help you stand out in the cuisine blogging world. Whatever your requirements are, you’ll find a suitable plugin on this list.

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