Do you want to know which WordPress redirect plugins are the best? By using WordPress redirect plugins, it’s simple to build redirects from your WordPress dashboard even if you don’t have enough coding knowledge or have FTP access. In this article, we’ll show you a Collection of 9 WordPress Redirect Plugin in 2021 to handle your website redirects. Let’s explore!

What can WordPress Redirect Plugin do for your website?

In fact, there are a multitude of reasons why you should install this plugin. This plugin is useful in cases you want:

  • Redirect users to another page because the original page is no longer available
  • Redesign a page and redirect your visitors to a new one for a limited time.
  • Change the look of a page and redirect your visitors to another page for a while.

Simply put, you must ensure that your visitors do not leave your site without receiving the information they need.

Top 9 WordPress Redirect Plugin



The first redirect module in WordPress CMS is likely Redirection. With easy-to-manage redirect options, this plugin helps you eliminate problems on your website. It supports conditional redirects with a wide range of options, including login status redirects, role capability redirects, IP address redirects, server redirects, page type redirects, and more.

Simple 301 Redirects

simple 301 redirects

Simple 301 Redirects is a robust 301 redirect plugin for WordPress. You can effortlessly set up 301 redirects from your old pages to new pages, which comes in helpful during a website transfer. Furthermore, this plugin ensures that your links continue to work even if the old URL structure does not match the new permalinks. Let’s discover and enjoy it!

404 to 301

404 to 301

In addition, the plugin is also easily compatible with 404 to 301. The 404 to 301 redirect module is a must-have for WordPress users. It gives you the ability to redirect 404 error pages to any web page or custom association. To utilize on your website, you can choose from a variety of redirect types (301, 302, 307) with ease. Additionally, it gives you the option of monitoring and logging all issues. Plus, you may also set up email alerts for all 404 problems.

301 Redirects

301 redirects

If you only require a basic redirect plugin that doesn’t come with any extra SEO capabilities, this plugin is a fantastic choice for you. 301 Redirects is a free redirect plugin for WordPress. You can use it to set up 301 and 302 redirects on your website. When you’re changing your content and deleting old pages, the plugin comes in handy. Besides, users can be redirected to pages, posts, custom post kinds, archives, and other pages using 301 Redirects. Aside from that, you can redirect customers from 404 error pages to a custom destination URL.

Safe Redirect Manager

safe redirect manager

Another great option for a highly interactive plugin is Safe Redirect Manager. Within your WordPress dashboard, it provides you with important redirect settings. You can also force custom to redirect leads and choose your own redirect kind. Last but not least, this plugin is simple to install and works with a WordPress multisite network. Take a gander at it!

SEO Redirection Plugin

seo redirection plugin

Heading onto the next on the list, we’ve SEO Redirection Plugin. By using this plugin, you can have the ability to add and manage 301 redirects on your WordPress website easily. Furthermore, by incorporating 404 and soft 404 errors into the Google Search Console, this plugin aids in the detection and correction of these mistakes. Aside from that, it offers an advanced control panel that allows you to redirect folders, check logs, apply regular expressions, choose redirection techniques, and more.

Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL)

easy https redirection (ssl)

Another redirect module you should endeavor is Easy HTTPS Redirection. This module will assist you in setting up a redirection to the HTTPS version of a URL when someone attempts to access the non-HTTPS version. From here on forward, you can opt to redirect the entire site, including all pages, to the HTTPS version of the site, or just select pages. Give it a look!

Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

quick page/post redirect plugin

Without modifying a single line of code, the Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin allows you to easily redirect WordPress users. This module will assist you in redirecting damaged or deleted pages and associations to the new page you choose if your site has them. This plugin offers two options for redirect including Quick Redirects and Individual Redirects. Furthermore, this module also allows you to backup and mass redirect redirects by importing or exporting redirects.

Equivalent Mobile Redirect

equivalent mobile redirect

The last wonderful plugin in our collection is Equivalent Mobile Redirect. This is a fantastic module that recognizes cells and redirects the client to a comparable flexible page as specified in the meta box that is put to your page and post screens at the start. It also comes with a slew of surprising features that help you keep things under control.


We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress Redirect Plugin to manage your website redirects effectively. You may also want to check out Free WordPress Themes to get more designs for your site.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, and then we will respond as quickly as possible! Thanks for your reading.

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