Showing visitors relevant topics is a terrific method for keeping people on your WordPress site. You’ll need a WordPress-related posts plugin for this. In this article, we’ll show you a List of 11 Impressive WordPress Related Post Plugins in 2021 that look fantastic, are easy to customize, and won’t slow down your site.

Why should you use WordPress Related Post Plugin for your site?

The WordPress Related Post Plugin is a great way to show a list of related posts on your blog. Additionally, you can present a category of related content in real-time on your WordPress site. Furthermore, displaying similar posts allows you to create internal links. This makes it easier for users to find less popular articles and improves the SEO score of your WordPress site. Another plus is that this tool allows you to change the size, type of relationship, and display settings of your thumbnails, among other things.

Top 11 Useful WordPress Related Post Plugins

Contextual Related Posts

contextual related posts

Contextual Related Posts is a fantastic WordPress Related Post Plugin that allows you to display a category of related posts in real-time on your WordPress site. This free plugin lets you show a list of related topics on your website and in your RSS feed. These lists are generated automatically using context clues from the title and content of your posts. All you need to do now is install and activate the plugin. You can also use this plugin to keep visitors on your site longer, refresh old posts, and reduce bounce rates.

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress

The Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin lets you determine the relationship between the current post and the related posts that the plugin suggests. This allows you to have more control over which related posts are shown and which material your visitors are steered to. Showing readers a video that previews material on the following page will tempt them to navigate to your recommended posts.

Related Posts by Taxonomy

related posts by taxonomy

Another free plugin, Related Posts by Taxonomy, makes it simple to add related posts to your WordPress blog. The speed with which Taxonomy’s plugin works is one of its best characteristics. It has a “compact footprint,” which means it has little impact on your site’s page speed, which is important for SEO. You can also specify which recommended posts you wish to include or exclude using this plugin. You can narrow down your choices based on the date of publication, the number of posts, and the meta description.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

yet another related posts plugin (YARPP)

One of the most popular and commonly used WordPress plugins is Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. By presenting visitors with an auto-generated display of relevant content on your site, this plugin can help you increase page views. Besides, giving incredible elements of relating posts, pages, or custom posts will be a magnificent strategy to keep them keep on perusing other substances.

Custom Related Posts

custom related posts

Custom Related Posts is a free related posts plugin that is simple to use. While some platforms automate the process of locating and adding relevant content, CRP needs you to manually add it to your articles, pages, or custom post types. This is especially useful for smaller or newer sites with limited content and a need for tighter control over related links. Another unique feature of this plugin is the ability to customize the size of the featured image. In the related posts module, you can choose how big or tiny you want your featured photographs to display.

Super Simple Related Posts

super simple related posts

It’s exactly what it says on the tin: Super Simple Related Posts. A simple linked articles plugin that works with the majority of WordPress themes and websites. You can customize the title of the widget, the types of posts it recommends, and the headlines that appear with each post with this plugin. Furthermore, you may also specify the order of the related posts and what the module should do if one of your sites has no posts to display.

Inline Related Posts

inline related posts

If you would rather display related posts within your articles and pages rather than in your site’s sidebar, Inline Related Posts is a great alternative. This plugin will insert appropriate content display boxes in the midst of your WordPress posts or pages. You don’t have to do any work to boost your site’s page views and engagement. As a result, you can advance your internal linking strategy without any effort.

Related Posts for WordPress

related posts for wordpress

Another performance-friendly WordPress-related posts plugin is Related Posts for WordPress, which creates its own index and cache to avoid slowing down your server. Your posts will be automatically linked together by the plugin. If you wish to force how the related posts work, you can manually link material. Besides, you can also choose to exclude specific pieces of material from appearing in any linked results. Lastly, you may manually alter the “relatedness” algorithm for even more customization.

Contextual Related Posts

contextual related posts

Another popular free related posts plugin on is Contextual Related Posts. It includes a lot of capabilities, which is perfect if all you want is an easy way to show related material on your website. You also have a lot of control over where your linked material shows with this plugin. You can use blocks, shortcodes, and widgets to insert them automatically or manually.



Over 3 million users use MonsterInsights, the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It also makes it possible to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site without having to alter code or hire a developer. Using the Popular Post functionality of this plugin, you can easily display similar posts in your content. You can select from a variety of themes and change the title color, font, size, and other aspects of the connected article.

WordPress Related Posts Plugin by AddThis

wordpress related posts plugin by addthis

Website owners can use AddThis to access a variety of social media and interaction options. This useful plugin includes social media sharing buttons, list building, and tip jars. The similar posts WordPress plugin makes it easy to incorporate related posts elements into your site. A range of loading parameters, such as the script location, are also available.


All of the plugins on this list have the potential to assist you in creating a fully functional related content area for your website. Apart from that, they all have slightly different designs and functionality, so take your time and pick your favorite. If you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. We’ll contact you as soon as we can.

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