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Are you having trouble keeping track of your events on your website while still sending out invitations to your guests? If you answered yes, you may relax because we are here to assist you. As a result, we’ve compiled a List of 8 Powerful WordPress RSVP Plugin In 2021. Let’s explore!

What are the advantages of the WordPress RSVP Plugin?

You may use it to successfully manage your events as well as send bulk email invitations to your guests at the same time. Furthermore, those plugins are compatible with the PayPal payment gateway, allowing you to collect payment for your events online in a matter of minutes. Because of the many benefits that plugin gives, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Best WordPress RSVP Plugins in the hopes that you’ll be able to find the best one quickly. Let’s get started right away!

Top 8 WordPress RSVP Plugins

Event Tickets

Event Tickets

The first plugin we would like to recommend to you is Event Tickets. This is a WordPress RSVP plugin that lets you create and embed event tickets in your articles and sites. This plugin makes it simple for visitors to purchase tickets and RSVP to your events. You must first select the dates for your activities, after which you must have your visitors complete the form. It allows the administrator to query the backend for RSVP information. With this plugin, you won’t be able to add any additional fields to the form.

Event Management, Events Calendar, RSVP Event Tickets Plugin

Event Management Events Calendar Rsvp Event Tickets Plugin

The second plugin in our list is Event Management, Events Calendar, RSVP Event Tickets Plugin. This is a fantastic plugin that allows you to successfully organize your events. Attendees can RSVP to any of your events simply by visiting any event page utilizing this plugin. You can also create and display a variety of events, including trade exhibitions, executive retreats, and incentive programs.

Tockify Events Calendar

Tockify Events Calendar

This is a free WordPress RSVP plugin that can be used by both beginners and experts. It’s easy to use, but it comes with a lot of customizing options and benefits. You may rapidly attract everyone’s attention and stir their interest in the impending event by adopting a current design. Of course, the event calendar’s design is entirely customizable and fluid, so it looks great on every device and in any browser. It’s also light, so it won’t slow down the speed of your website.

Eventbee RSVP Widget

Eventbee Rsvp Widget

Another plugin you shouldn’t miss is the Eventbee RSVP Widget. This is an excellent WordPress RSVP Plugin for event planners. Attendees can register for events using the Eventbee RSVP Widget by simply inserting their profile and then confirming their attendance. It allows event organizers to regulate who registers for the event and ask questions other than the default ones.

Events Made Easy

Events Made Easy

Events Made Easy gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to planning new events and fine-tuning RSVP functionality. This plugin also offers a variety of options for organizing payments, customizing your calendar, creating email confirmation templates, and much more. If you plan a range of events for your business or non-profit throughout the year, its adaptability may make it a good pick. This might not be the best solution if you’re looking for a simple WordPress RSVP plugin.

RSVP and Event Management Plugin

Rsvp And Event Management Plugin

The RSVP and Event Management Plugin is a comprehensive event management tool that helps you manage event attendees. This plugin allows you to divide your guests into families to make organization easier. It has a lot of front-end customization options, all of which are accessible from the WordPress admin area. You can also develop RSVP forms that don’t require a passcode and can be accessed by anyone. You can simply import and export attendees, as well as send event-related email reminders, from the list.

Registrations for The Events Calendar

Registrations For The Events Calendar

This is a free add-on that adds RSVP capabilities to the parent plugin. Visitors can use this tool to gain a quick estimate of how many people will attend an event and register by entering some personal information. The plugin allows you to personalize your RSVP forms and sends participants an email confirmation with all of the event’s pertinent information. You may create forms for any type of event and view your list of confirmed attendees right from your dashboard.

Amader RSVP For WordPress

Amader Rsvp For Wordpress

The last plugin in our collection is Amader RSVP For WordPress. This is a fantastic WordPress RSVP Plugin that allows you to add a form anywhere on your WordPress website. Your customers will be able to input their information via RSVP form in a very simple manner thanks to it.


Finally, it is time to improve your website with the Top 8 Powerful WordPress RSVP Plugins In 2021. So, if you find this site useful, please forward it to your friends. You may also use Free WordPress Themes to make your site more appealing.

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