Nowadays, hackers or malware have infiltrated approximately 30.000 websites. Unfortunately, if your website’s essential information was hijacked, millions of viruses or other threats might rapidly take over your site. As a result, installing the WordPress Scanner Plugin is critical for your website for these reasons. In this article, we will show you a List of 9 Amazing WordPress Scanner Plugin in 2021. Let’s explore!

Why should you use WordPress Scanner Plugin?

The main reason is that this program is really simple to use and install; you may use it even if you don’t know how to code. Another compelling reason is that the plugin might assist you in preventing brute force attacks by limiting login attempts. In addition, you may check all folders and files on the website for harmful code, malware, bad URLs, and other issues. This tool, in particular, searches for known WordPress vulnerabilities, plugin vulnerabilities, and theme vulnerabilities in a short amount of time.

Top 9 Nice WordPress Scanner Plugin

Wordfence Security

wordfence security

Wordfence is the first fantastic module that we should mention. This is said to be a fantastic and effective way to deal with the security of multiple locations at one location. This plugin will protect your site by using the most recent firewall rules, malware marks, and malicious IP addresses. It can monitor and warn about major security events such as management logins, secret key usage, and floods in assault movement. It can also scan your site for known security flaws and alert you to any vulnerabilities.

Defender Security

defender security

Defender Security is the second module that you should not overlook. It only takes a few moments to add the greatest WordPress security module to your site using this module. You can block beast power assaults, SQL infusions, cross-site prearranging XSS, and a lot more by utilizing this excellent module. You don’t need to go through revoltingly intricate settings and obtain a virtual Ph.D. in security at this stage. Furthermore, it allows you to reconstruct the original document with a tick.

Shield Security

shield security

This plugin is an excellent tool for automating laborious and time-consuming security chores. It comes with a slew of remarkable features that help thwart malicious bots before they can cause damage to your website. Shield Security will also detect these malicious visitors and deny access to your site if they engage in inappropriate behavior on your site. Give it a look!

WP Cerber

wp cerber

WP Cerber is a useful module that protects your website from hacker attacks, spam, trojans, and viruses. Furthermore, this module will limit the number of login attempts by using the login structure, XML-RPC/REST API requests, or auth treatments to protect from savage power attacks. Another wonderful feature is that you may look into each organizer and each record on a website for signs of malware, trojans, indirect accesses, altered, and new documents.



This powerful plugin is ideal for individuals who wish to scan their website to keep it safe. The first notable characteristic of this module is that it runs in the background. It means that you can start a scan while continuing to work on your blog as usual. While a scanning procedure is in progress, you can even log out of the WordPress dashboard. You may also use the implicit marks to filter your blog for potential malware and infection.



WPScan offers a Free API plan that is ideal for the majority of WordPress websites. This plugin utilizes this database to scan for WordPress vulnerabilities, plugin vulnerabilities, and theme vulnerabilities. Furthermore, there are numerous options for scheduling automated daily scans and receiving email notifications when new security vulnerabilities are discovered. Other security vulnerabilities will also be checked by the WPScan WordPress Security Plugin.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

quttera web malware scanner

If you need to check your site for malware, trojans, indirect accesses, worms, infections, shells, spyware, and other threats, this module is an excellent choice. This plugin allows you to verify whether your site is being boycotted by Google and other boycotting specialists with a single click. As a result, the security of your website will be guaranteed. Don’t hesitate!

Sucuri Security

sucuri security

Sucuri Inc. is one of the most effective WordPress Scanner Plugins for protecting your website from hackers and malware. This module provides a number of security highlights for your website; each module is designed to improve your security posture. It’s especially appealing because it’s free to download and simple to use even if you don’t know how to code.

malCure WP Malware Scanner & Firewall

malcure wp malware scanner firewall

With tens of thousands of installs from users all over the world, this plugin is widely recognized as the greatest tool for detecting malware like trojans, viruses, worms, ransomware, and other security risks and vulnerabilities on your website. This tool is highly powerful, but it is also light and simple to operate. You can effectively verify all of the WordPress core files, plugins, and folders using this plugin.


By using the many plugins available, we hope that you will be able to choose the ideal plugin for your needs and requirements. Additionally, feel free to use our Free WordPress Themes to enhance your website with more gorgeous themes. Thanks for your attention.

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